Purchasing the best horizontal geyser in India is the aim of everyone. Moreover, to have an efficient horizontal geyser is crucial in winter. But going through the details & reviews of a bunch of products can cause lots of confusion for buyers. It happens more when you are making your first purchase of the best horizontal geyser in India.

In fact, here was a time when people used to heat water by physical labor. Since it is time-consuming, we love to skip that manual part. For this reason, bringing a water heater is crucial for cold weather.

You might wonder if a geyser can fit in your small bathroom. For that case, brands produce horizontal geysers.

A horizontal geyser is best for low ceilings & cozy bathrooms, as it has a compact & stylish design. We want to help our readers in choosing the best product possible. That’s why, we have curated a list of the 6 best horizontal geyser in India. We have surveyed below factors to select these products-

  • Capacity
  • Power rating
  • Energy consumption
  • Bar pressure
  • Material for tank & body
  • Safety features & warranty.

Let’s have a look at the list of the six best horizontal geyser in India.

Best Horizontal Geyser In India

1. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage 15 Litre Horizontal Water Heater

In 1936, A.O.Smith was the brand, which had credited for inventing the first glass-lined water heaters. Similarly, Today’s grand invention in water geysers is the blue diamond technology. Thus, the latest machinery & framing makes this brand, the leading producer of its band.

The A.O. Smith 15 liter water heater model is sufficient for a mid-size family; with an 8 bar force facility, you can use it easily in high-rise buildings. It is a thermostat-fitted water geyser, which allows buyers to set their preferred temperature for hot water. Moreover, the blue diamond glass tank provides twice better safety against corrosion than other regular water tanks, which increases the lifespan of the product. Thus, these buyer-friendly features crown it as the best horizontal geyser in India.


  • Brand: AO Smith
  • Model: HAS-X1-015 & HAS-X1-025
  • Capacity: 15 & 25 Liters
  • Bar pressure: 8 bar pressure
  • Power consumption: 4 stars rated
  • Wattage: 2000 wattage
  • Heating element: Glass-Coated Heating Element
  • Inner tank: Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank
  • Outer tank: Metal
  • Safety features: Thermal cut-out, Multi-function Safety Valve
  • Warranty: 7 years on the inner tank; 2+2 years extended warranty on the heating element


  • A long-lasting anode rod works for different water types with good efficiency.
  • PUF injection technology ensures maximum energy efficiency.
  • Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank is 23% more durable than any regular stainless steel tank.
  • Inlet water diffuser breaks the vertical water jet into small parallel streams.


  • Consumers need to buy connecting hoses, water inlet & outlet pipes, etc. themselves.

2. American Micronic- 25 Litre Imported Horizontal Water Heater

American Micronic makes strong & smart water heaters with other electronics home appliances; great quality with the compact body is the plus point of this brand’s products. Thus, the brand designs products based on Indian market needs; buyers get world-class standards in products at an Indian market price.

American Micronic AMI-WHICH-25LDx is an affordable water heater with amazing features like moisture resistance for a longer life span; also protection against dry heating and extra force provides safety against fatal accidents. In addition to that, the 42 mm PUF insulation & 2 mm thick steel tanks is effective to lock the heat inside the water tank. No release of heat makes the product more efficient in water heating. The consumer-friendly features make this item the best horizontal geyser in India without fail.


  • Brand: American Micronic
  • Model: AMI-WHH-25LDx
  • Capacity: 25 Liters
  • Bar pressure: 8 bar pressure
  • Power consumption: 5 stars rated
  • Wattage: 2000 wattage
  • Heating element: Glass-Coated Heating Element
  • Inner tank: Titanium enamel glass
  • Outer tank: Metal
  • Safety features: Protection against heating & excess water pressure, Auto cut off.
  • Warranty: 5 years on inner tank & heating element; 2 years replacement warranty


  • You can set the temperature between 30 and 70 degrees for desired water with an adjustable thermostat.
  • IPX4 rated weather & moisture resistance enhance its lifespan by several years
  • Titanium enamel glass lined tank esky withstands hard water & corrosion.
  • 18 X 110 mm Magnesium anode as heating elements increases its durability & performance


  • Nothing in particular

3. Racold Andris Slim 20 Litres Horizontal 4 Star Water Heater

Racold is the largest selling water geyser brand in the Indian market; it is operating since the ’90s. With excellent performance & top-quality material used in the products, which make the brand distinct from its competitors. Though Racold has a distinguished plan of action for different water heaters: titanium enameling for storage heaters, high quality AZ-sheet for solar geysers. Thus Racold continues its quality products for generations.

Andris Slim geyser, from the house of Racold water heater, has 25% faster heating performance. Also, he beautiful Italian design of the outer body adds an aesthetic to your modern bathroom. Morover,  Flexomix is a rare inlet flow technique, which mixes hot & cold water to make it shower-ready. This feature is the reason why the product gives ten times more hot water than an ordinary geyser. Similarly, Titanium plus technology in the water tank & heating element brings grit to the product; it enhances corrosion resistance against water pressure & impurities. Together all these features are very tempting; people consider it the best horizontal geyser in India for these factors.


  • Brand: Racold
  • Model: Andris Slim
  • Capacity: 20 Liters, 30 Litres
  • Bar pressure: 8 bar pressure
  • Electricity consumption: 4 stars rated
  • Wattage: 2000 wattage
  • Heating element: Titanium Heating Element
  • Inner tank: Titanium steel
  • Outer tank: Metal
  • Safety features: Automatic cut off, Protection against overheating
  • Warranty: 5 years on the inner tank; 3 years on the heating element; 2 years on the product


  • World-class Italian designer Umberto Palermo has designed this product for an exquisite bathroom.
  • Titanium enameling in water tank & heating element is the reason behind its amazing performance.
  • This product is suitable for high-rise apartments, as the product has 8 bar pressure.
  • Consumers can control the water temperature with an adjusting knob.


  • Inlet & outlet water pipes do not come with the product.

4. V-Guard Plus MS 15 ECH-Horizontal Geyser

V-Guard is an Indian manufacturer of leading electronics products. Behind V-Guards pan India’s success is their strong management with diversified quality products in their portfolio. To be honest, these are the reasons behind the growing popularity of V-Guards in the Indian market.

The best horizontal geyser in India from V-guard has an Incoloy 840 as a heating element. Also, the high-quality heating element can work faster; it is also safe against corrosion from hard water and water impurities. Furthermore, this 15-liter water tank can endure excess water pressure as it is made from powder-coated mild steel and ABS end covers. Moreover, these reasons justify people’s choice of mounting it in high-rise buildings. Buyer-oriented features make this product a competitor of the best horizontal geyser in India league.


  • Brand:  V Guard
  • Model: Plus MS 15 ECH
  • Capacity: 15 liters, 25 liters
  • Bar pressure: 7.8 bar
  • Power consumption: 2 Star
  • Wattage: 2000 wattage
  • Heating element: High-quality Incoloy 840
  • Inner tank: High-quality stainless steel with Vitreous enamel coating
  • Outer tank: Powder-coated Mild Steel & ABS end covers
  • Safety features: Thermostat, Multifunction valve
  • Warranty: 7 years on water Tank; 3 years on the heating element; 2 years on the product


  • Stainless steel inner tank with vitreous enamel coating is enough durable.
  • The water heater tolerates high water pressure; using it in high-rise buildings is safe.
  • It is suitable for a false ceiling where much space is not available.
  • High-quality Incoloy 840 heating element works superiors even in hard water conditions.
  • It is an affordable product.


  • 2 star rated power consumption.
  • Post-sale service is not impressive.

5. Haier Precis ES 25H E1 25-Litre Horizontal Water Heater

Haier is a Chinese brand, owned by a German appliance brand Liebherr. It is producing & selling electronics items around the world. To state it clear, their quality & technology is making headlines for excellent performance.

Haier’s 25-liter horizontal geyser has various latest features, which makes it the best horizontal water heater in India. The top quality Incoloy 800 heating element heats water faster than other regular water heaters. The UMC coating tank does not release the heat for a long time. Clearly, it is a sigh of the best horizontal geyser in India. In addition to that, RSC technology-equipped inlet tubes supplies hot water whenever needed. Furthermore, it gives the heating rod a longer life span & better corrosion protection. Similarly, PUF insulation in the inner tank is another attractive feature of this product. It endures high water pressure. That’s why, consumers can use this water heater in their high-rise compartment. Evidently, it is the best horizontal geyser in India.


  • Brand: Haier
  • Model: ES 25H E1
  • Capacity:25 liters
  • Bar pressure: 8 bar pressure
  • Power consumption: 4 Star
  • Wattage: 2000 wattage
  • Heating element: High quality Incoloy 800 heating element
  • Inner tank: UMC coating tank
  • Outer tank: Metal with coating
  • Safety features: Shockproof, Voltage fluctuation proof.
  • Warranty: 7 years on water Tank, 4 years on the product


  • An automatic shut off feature is available.
  • Water remains warm for 6-7 hours after heating.
  • Affordable price for every consumer base
  • Safety against voltage fluctuation longers its lifespan


  • Consumers have to buy inlet & outlet pipes themselves.

6. Havells Monza Slim SM HL 15-Litre Storage Heater

Havells is an Indian electrical equipment company, which produces and sells top-quality home appliances for Indian households. With world-class technology & the best management, Havells has become a trusted brand name in the market of electronics appliances in India.

The Havells Monza slim SM 815 liter storage heater has Whirl-flow technology. It is a technique to avoid direct contact between hot and cold water flow. Thus, it supplies hot water faster and also saves energy with more efficiency The Havells Monza Slim model is famous for 20% more hot water output with the help of this technology. Moreover, stainless steel Flexi pipe makes this water heater more durable and long-lasting. It can endure hot and cold water without facing corrosion.

The best horizontal geyser in India needs to have grit against corrosion. In support of the cause, High-quality Incoloy heating element provides resistance against oxidation & carbonization at high temperatures. To prevent heat loss, Havells has used CFC-free thick PUF insulation inside the water tank. No wonder, consumers are super happy with the performance of Havells Monza Slim, the best horizontal geyser in India.


  • Brand: Havells India Ltd.
  • Model: Monza Slim SM HL
  • Capacity: 15 liters
  • Bar pressure: 8 bar pressure
  • Power consumption: 4 Star rated
  • Wattage: 2000 wattage
  • Heating element: High-quality Incoloy glass coated heating element
  • Inner tank: Fero Glass dry powder coated tank
  • Outer tank: Metal with coating
  • Safety features: Auto cut off protection against overheating
  • Warranty: 5 years on water Tank, 2 years complete


  • It is suitable for high-rise buildings by enduring more than 8 bar pressure water flow.
  • Monza Slim is a super affordable product.
  • 4-star energy ratings cut down unnecessary energy consumption
  • Compact design makes it compatible with stylish interiors.
  • An adjustable knob is there to control the temperature between 25°C to 75°C.


  • Installing it in a bathroom with a false ceiling can be troublesome.

Best Horizontal Geyser  Frequently asked questions

Can you fit the geyser horizontally?

Most of the traditional water heaters have a design to be mounted vertically. But now, you can find lots of horizontal water geysers available in the market. According to the available room and space in the bathroom, you can choose among vertically or horizontal geysers for your home.

Do horizontal water heaters lack performance?

It is false that a horizontal geyser lacks in performance. Although a horizontal geyser is specially made for small bathrooms, it equips the latest features. In compare to a vertical geyser, a horizontal geyser is a good performer.  Furthermore, we advise you to go through the manual before making any purchase.

How much energy does a horizontal geyser consume?

Most of that standard water heater’s power rating revolves around 2000 Watts. It means, if you keep your water heater on for an hour, then it will consume 2 units of power. This is the energy usage rating for the most efficient geysers.

How long does a horizontal geyser last?

Like any other particle water heater, horizontal water geysers  have a longer life. It all depends on the usage pattern of buyers. In addition to that, maintaining good care can enhance its lifespan.

Is it good to use horizontal geysers for other purposes than bathing?

It is suitable for various purposes. As the horizontal water heater has great capacity, which makes it capable of using household chores. In addition to bathing, you can use it for washing hands and dishes.

Best Horizontal Geyser Conclusion

These are the best horizontal geyser in India you may find in the market. To be honest, we understand that making a purchase investment demands lots of research. This is why, to help you skip the pain of searching through pages online, we have listed these six amazing water heaters. Moreover, you can choose among this product according to your requirement and must-equipped factors. We hope you can find the best horizontal geyser in India for yourself.


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