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Best Water Heater in India – Buying Guide

Before you go & pick a water heater, we advise you to read the buying guide. There are many under liners in a geyser brochure. In context to that, you need to make extra preparation. For choosing the best water geyser, make sure to check all the below qualities.

Types of geyser

There are a variety of types of geysers available in the market. We have mentioned the most acknowledged water heater types below.

Electric geyser

Electric geyser is a commercial product. Most of the homes have electric geysers. It uses power to heat water. Based on the building, there are two types of electric geysers.

You might have crossed paths with the words instant geyser and storage geysers. Both geysers run with power. But there are certain differences among them.

Instant & Storage Water Heater

Instant water geyserStorage water geyser
It saves electricityIt needs more power consumption.
The compact design & sizeIt also has a compact design
It does not require much space to installYou need a lot of space to install it.
There is no water wastageIt also does not waste water
It saves water as you have to use a bucket to take a bath.You can take bath with shower or bucket
Longer life span is another attractionThe lifespan is shorter than a instant geyser
Best for kitchen use or for washbasinsIt suits for all household works
It does not have a storage tank. For which, there is no hot water wastage.It has a storage tank to keep hot water.
It is not good for bathrooms.This is good for bathrooms
You can’t take shower bathYou can take shower bath
A little expensive than storage geysersPrices are less than instant geysers.

Solar geyser

By the name itself, you know the working process of this geyser. To explain further, this water heater draws sunbeams. Then use that energy to warm up the water. For using solar energy, you need a roof-mounted solar panel. Solar energy converts into heat. The water in the geyser heats up.

It is a slow process to have hot water. On cloudy days and monsoon season, you can’t use solar geysers.

Gas geyser

Another type of water heater is a gas geyser. To warm up the water, this heater uses propane and LPG gas. It is a simpler device than an electric geyser.

Gas geysers are two types. Like an electric geyser, it has two variants. One is an instant geyser and the other one is a storage geyser.

Gas geysers are compatible with heat 50 gallons of water at a time. This outperforms electric geysers. It can heat up more water compared to the electric geyser. Gas geysers are way cheaper than electric geysers.

But we advise you not to use gas geysers. Gas geysers are dangerous to be honest. The less safety protection makes gas geysers less chosen products.

Capacity of geyser

The geyser size is one of the primary factors to consider. The perfect capacity of the geyser is the volume of water. The amount of water you need at once, influences the right capacity. To make the point clear, I have given you an example. You can’t put the geyser to warm up water for daily use. In truth, it is troublesome. That is why you need to calculate the right size of a geyser. It depends on the family size and the purpose of hot water.

Here, we have noted down the regular capacity of geysers. It depends on the family size.

Types Of GeysersNo. Of Members In A FamilyCapacity of GeyserPurpose Of Warm Water Supply
Instant geyser2-3 membersApprox 6 litersFor bathing only
Instant geyser2-3 members1 to 3 litersFor kitchen use and hand wash
Instant geyser4-8 members6 litersFor bathing only
Instant geyser4-8 members1 to 3 litersFor kitchen use and hand wash
Storage geyser2-3 members10 to 15 litersFor bathing using bucket
Storage geyser2-3 members25 liters approxFor bathing using shower
Storage geyser4-8 members25 liters approxFor bathing using bucket
Storage geyser4-8 members25 liters approxFor bathing using shower

Geyser wattage

Before selecting the best geyser for your home, consider geyser wattage. This factor indicates how fast or slows a geyser can heat water. Waiting for water to warm up for taking the bath is a serious pain. In addition to the secret, it might happen on a Monday morning. Of course, it can cost you a red mark in office entry. For this purpose, you can trust a water geyser with 4.5-kilowatt wattage. It works faster than a 2 KW wattage geyser. Instant geysers are of higher wattage. It saves current consumption. In reality, you can have a geyser with a fast hot water supply. But it will not cost you much on the current bill.

Geyser for hard water

Water pollution is a concerning issue around the world. In addition to that, the types of water vary from region to region. For example, hard water can reduce the lifespan of your water geyser. But changing a water geyser every alternate month is not the solution. To find the rescue, you should bring a corrosion-resistant water tank. Then the hard water elements could not damage the storage tank. It is only natural to ensure geyser’s safety. A water softener is a good choice in that case. Like, the input water passes through the water softener. Then use it as input water in a water geyser. Thus, the hardness of the water goes down. As a result, your geyser remains safe from damages.


The best geyser needs to have certain features. The below features are crucial. These features make a geyser an outstanding performer.

  • Safety valve

A safety valve is the last lifeline.  When the entire safety system fails, it can save the day. Hence, a safety valve is necessary for a water heater. Most of the good geysers have a safety valve on the top of the water tank. It might be on the side in a few models. The valve is connected to a discharge tube downwards. The tube can be of metal or plastic made. The purpose of the valve is to control water pressure & temperature relief. In reality, it can save you from an expected geyser explosion.

  • Glass coated heating element

The heating element is another crucial part of the geyser. A heating element should perform better. It makes geysers unique from each other. There is another aspect about the heating element. The lifespan of a heating element needs attention. Performance & lifespan both are important.

Glass coated heating elements last longer than those metal heating elements. You know that metal heating elements work faster. But we all want a product for safe & long usage. For this purpose, a glass-coated heating element gets the upper hand. Glass coating prevents heating element corrosion. No water sedatives can hamper the quality of the heating bar.

  • Auto cut

Having an auto cut feature is necessary. It makes for a water heater more efficient. The input water warms up to a certain temperature. Then the geyser shuts off itself. For instance, it saves itself from internal damage from overheating. In a busy household, this is an important feature. Forgetting to switch off the geyser can cost us life. Leaving it on for a longer period can cause a serious mishap. But we have to be thankful for the auto cut feature. We can buy some time with it.

  • Adjustable thermostat

The thermostat operates the geyser. Inside the body of the geyser, there is a bimetallic strip.

When we switch on the geyser, the heating element starts gaining temperature.Then it converts into mechanical displacement by this bimetallic strip. The steel and copper-made strip has a thermostat wrapped around it. The thermostat says when the geyser should auto cut itself. To explain further, a thermostat controls the panel of the geyser. Hence, an adjustable thermostat is beneficial. An efficient thermostat saves the geyser from internal damage. Other plus point is that it saves power.

  • Rustproof outer body

A rust-proof outer body provides endurance in the geyser model. Most of the latest geysers have enameled steel bodies with glass coating. Similarly, some of them have titanium or polymer-coated on them. These materials are less corrosive. So, the outer shell does not get damaged by dust & pollution. That is why the geyser body runs for long in shape. Having steel alloy and glass coating is profitable.

  • Types of the water tank

Producers use two types of water tanks in geysers.

The old models have stainless steel water tanks. But having a stainless steel water tank has some backdrop. The corrosive nature is one of them. Other factor is that the groundwater can be hard. Then the water tank becomes damaged from scaling. For this reason, stainless steel water tanks are exiting today’s world.

Companies prefer vitreous enamel glass-coated water tanks. In reality, the advanced models have this water tank. Stainless steel water tanks experience corrosion from hard water. Brands use polymers to handle the crisis. To find the solution, they use advanced polymer coating on stainless steel tanks. This polymer coating provides safety from corrosion. It prevents hard water scaling.


What amount of water do you need? This is the most faced question while choosing the water geyser. The amount of water usage varies with the size of the family. The capacity of a suitable geyser depends on that.

There are daily chores that need hot water. Washing bathing cleaning utensils is some of the most water-based work.

One person uses about a 15-liter bucket of water while bathing. There are people who need more buckets to complete bathing. While taking a shower-bath, the amount of water increases. It goes up to 25 liters per person for each bathing. But water tub bath demands more water than that. It is about 35-liter water for one person.

Another important factor that requires water is washing clothes. On average, you need about 10 Liters of water to wash clothes.

Household chores, like kitchen duty, demand a regular hot water supply. About 5 liters of water is enough to clean utensils after every meal.

Besides all this water usage, we need spare water. We wash hands & faces many times a day. Before jumping into climax, let’s calculate the amount of needed water. After doing all plus & minus, we get the figure. A mid-size family has 4 members. They need about 100 liters of water every day.


The latest water geyser models have better designs. In addition to that, these models have longer lifespan. To get this, the geysers need regular maintenance. By that, we get longevity in geysers. It becomes cost-saving. Different water heaters have a unique life span. Tank less water heaters run for about 20 years. The reason must be that we don’t use these geysers daily. Instead of everyday usage, these are on-demand water heaters. A gas water heater lasts about 12 years. To be honest, the last years are on borrowed time. With regular inspection, geysers can run for long. A domestic electric geyser can last about 15 years. But in the end years, you need to be extra careful with the product. The geyser might need repeated repayments then. If you experience the problem, we advise you to replace the old one.

For high rise building

Consider where you live before choosing the right geyser for you. The best-suited geyser depends on the height of your floor. In a high-rise building, a storage geyser performs better. You need to consider the geyser pressure. Choosing the right geyser for high-rise buildings differs from a regular home. A geyser must have over 6 bars of water pressure. Except that it needs to have a pressure control valve. A pressure control valve is necessary for the storage tank’s safety. Let me explain it further. It releases extra water pressure in times of heavy water supply. As a result, the extra water supply does not break the storage tank. Also, a glass-coated storage tank is safe under heavy water pressure.

For kitchen

A kitchen is a place that needs an instant water supply. Imagine, you want to wash dishes. You can’t wait 5 minutes to warm up the water. For that reason, a storage geyser can be problematic for kitchen work. Having an instant water geyser mounted in the kitchen is the best choice. Thus, you always remain on top of your game to finish household chores. For a medium-size family, water consumption goes higher. About 3-liter capacity instant geysers suit the best. Yet, placing a water geyser demands adequate space in the kitchen. If you have enough space to mount a geyser, then bring it to an instant.

Horizontal geyser

Not every kitchen and house is equal. So why do you need to choose a similar water geyser? Your homes are unique. Then your geysers need to be unique. In contrast, traditional geysers are vertically designed. But consumers have prayed for further enhancement. Now, producers have built new horizontal geysers. For example, your house has a low ceiling. Then you might not have 2 feet vertical length on the wall. In that case, bringing a horizontal geyser is more convenient for you. For instance, you can place it horizontally on the wall. As a result, there is no need to think much about the attic.  Your beautiful ceiling will not get ruined by that.

Best Geyser in India – Frequently asked questions

How much power does geyser consume?

Geyser has a rated power in its body. It draws that amount of current while operating. To explain more, let me give you an example. Think, your geyser is 1000 watts rated. Then it consumes 1 kilowatt of electric power. Hence, your geyser consumes an equal amount. A 25-liter capacity geyser consumes 6-kW power every day. This is regular data.

Can I drink the hot water from the geyser?

No. Geyser’s function is only to heat the water. In reality, groundwater contains sedatives. Harmful allergens, chemicals, and toxic elements are present in the water. Geyser does not have a filter to filter out them. Drinking geyser water can damage your health. That is why consuming that water can be fatal.

What should I do if my water heater leaks?

Leaking a water heater can show internal damage to the product. Sometimes, poor installation can also cause leakage. But for safety, turn off your leakage water heater in an instant. Afterward, consult your customer service. Then check the geyser by a professional.

When do I need to replace my water geyser?

A normal domestic geyser runs for about 8 to 12 years with no problem. In the last years of lifespan, the geyser might not perform and before. If it turns off repeatedly, replace it. Also, a geyser will lose its ability to heat water after a time. Then you should buy a new one. Until it is heating water, remain carefree. But regular inspection is necessary for long-run usage.

Is it safe to leave the geyser switching on for 24 hrs?

It is not safe. Most of the water heaters have an auto-cut-off system. The geyser cuts the power supply after reaching a certain temperature. But switching off is still necessary. You can’t leave it on for a long time. It can damage the system. The chances of a potential explosion become high in those cases.

Best Water Heater in India – Conclusion

Finally, we’ve reached the concluding part of our review of the best geyser in India. In our detailed review, we’ve provided you production information, specification, pros and cons for the best water geyser in India.
Hope you find this information useful and help you reach an informed decision while buying a water heater for your home.


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