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How To Find The Best AC Brand In India

When we plan to buy the best AC brand in India, we count many questions before the purchase. The humid weather, the budget, the pollution play a vital role in decision making.

Here is the list you should look up to have a quick purchase with no confusion.


Best air conditioner is the one product that feeds into your budget and gives you a satisfactory User experience. For India, most of the people want a product that comes under 40,000 rupees.

Type of AC:

It is a critical choice for users to make. Every type of AC has its privilege. Mostly for residential usage, a split AC is good to have for small spaces. If you have enough space in your room, you also can think about windows AC.

Split ACWindows AC
A bit costlyIt is cheaper than split AC
Makes little noiseQuite noisy
Installing is worrisomeEasy installing
Modern designMonolithic design
You can fit it in any wall of the roomNeed a sturdy wall to get fitted
Equipped with smart technologyA traditional building
Have a higher risk of coolant leaksLess risk for refrigerant leakage


How much capacity you need in your air conditioner depends on the geographical region of your stay. Sun exposure of your room also plays a pivotal role in this case. You can make your separate calculations before buying your next AC.

Here we have put a chart you may follow.

Room SizeCapacity of AC
Below 80 sq. feet0.8 ton
80 to 120 sq. feet area1 ton
120 to 190 sq. feet area1.5 ton
190 to 300 sq. feet area2 ton

Energy ratings:

The energy ratings will decide how much power the unit is going to save. But higher power savings ratings come with a higher cost per unit. When you divide your AC capacity by the amount of power consumption, you will get the ratings.

If you are going to use your air conditioner for a limited time in a day, then you can go for a 3-star energy savings rating in AC. To see the difference in electricity bills between a 3 star rated AC & 5 stars rated AC, you need to use the AC for over 8 hrs a day. Also, a lower star rated air conditioner is more efficient in faster cooling.

Some others must-have features:

Having an inverter AC will give you more control over your unit. You can change it according to your need. Also, inverter AC is more capable of protecting the product from frequent power shortages or voltage fluctuation.

For having a more satisfying user experience, make sure you buy a unit that is Wi-Fi enabled. Many new products have features of controlling via apps.

Air filters are another crucial point to discuss. We mainly bring an air conditioner to enjoy a cool & fresh breeze. Because the pollution level is so high, you need your AC to have multiple air filters to have safe air circulated in your room.

The airflow should be in every direction. Only then can you enjoy an optimal cooling experience at any point in your room.

The self-cleaning feature is also very crucial. People are way too busy to check on their AC’s health. The unit should have a self-detection mode & cleaning mode. Then there will be no bacteria or fungus on the internal parts of the product. And the product can offer pure air for you and your family.

5 Best AC brands in India


The South Korean brand LG is one of the most sought brands in the Indian electronics market. Over the years, LG has produced many electronic pieces of equipment to make our life easier and better. To deliver the fastest and effective cooling, LG has incorporated the Himalayas cooling effect in its products. In India, the humidity is always high. As a result, you need an air conditioner that not only cools down your room but also effectively minimizes the highly humid weather. LG has proven its worth in this task.


Carrier is another famous AC brand in India. The company has taken measures to provide smart and stylish products for modern households. Another reason Indians choose this brand over others is because of its sincerity towards consumers’ health. The brand uses multiple air filter technology to serve pollution free air. What can be better than this? Now your brand is conscious of circulating pure & bacteria-free air in each corner of the room.


If you get confused between brands to choose for the best AC in India, then Voltas can be the answer to your confusion. Operating since 1954, Voltas became a trusted brand over the years with quality products. According to the sales chart, Voltas is one of the best-selling brands in India. The new Voltas ACs are cooperating with Turbo cooling technology and cross-flow air ventilation technology. Supported by a powerful fan, Voltas AC is capable of circulating even airflow in the room.


Daikin is the first Japanese air conditioner brand. Currently operating in over 150 countries, Daikin passes International quality check standards for its products. The brand is also protective of the natural environment. That is why it builds its ACs with low noise pollution. For residential users, the brand only offers split ACs. But if you are a commercial or industrial user, then you have a wide variety of options to choose from- cassette, ducted, and VRV.

Blue Star:

Blue Star is another Indian name in the list of reputed AC brands. The products are unique, and designs meet every smart home requirement. The blue star has shown specific concern to cool down every inch of your room effectively. The airflow technology of its ACs has a 4D wide range with smart control technology. They also serve the latest features on a moderate budget. That is why most Indian households prefer this brand anytime.

These are the handpick measures you can look at before buying your ac. Hopefully, we can become your help in any way.



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