Best Refrigerator in India – Buying Guide

Our refrigerator buying guide will help you to have proper knowledge about the refrigerator. It will also help you to decide which model is the best refrigerator in India.

We advise you to read it thoroughly.

Refrigerator Types

There are few different types of a refrigerator in the market. Learn about them. Then choose the one you like.

  • Top Freezer Refrigerator

The top freezer refrigerator has a freezer mounted on the top of the refrigerator. It is one of the classic models after the very first single door refrigerator idea.

The top freezer refrigerator has every kind of feature to satisfy kitchen requirements. The freezer section size also varies in different models as part of the capacity and budget. A lot of top-freezer refrigerators have a bottom drawer on the base to provide a little bit of extra storage option for consumers. You can choose the width of this type of refrigerator from 24 inches to 33 inches.

The good

  • Suitable for an affordable budget option
  • Larger capacity
  • New features
  • Highly energy-saving efficient
  • Good for storing all kind of foods
  • Available in single door, double door & triple door models

The bad

  • Installation of this model requires a little more space than usual.
  • Side-By-Side Refrigerator

The side by side refrigerator is one of the most common models you can find in stores. In this model, one section is dedicated to the freezer, and the other section is the regular fridge. The sections are divided vertically, and the freezer size is on the left.

These models are slim, elegant and have good features. A few models of this range have separate water dispenser & ice machines. The price range is wide. You can have a budget-friendly model as well as a highly expensive one too. The width runs between 33 to 36 inch.

The good

  • Good for storing frozen food
  • Latest technology in an affordable budget
  • Perfectly fits into a small modular kitchen
  • Double door & triple door model available
  • Efficient storage capacity

The bad

  • Not every beneficial in energy saving
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The bottom freezer refrigerator is a mirror version of the top-mounted refrigerator. In this type of refrigerator, you will get the freezer section separately on the bottom of the refrigerator.

This model is highly advisable for people who have back pain. Because as the freezer section is below, you have to bend less for taking out your daily fruits and vegetables from the refrigerator. These models also have a generous amount of storage capacity. The eye-level refrigerator section is also convenient in finding through the fridge.

The good

  • Spacious storage
  • Fits into budget
  • An unconventional model to live up to your unique home
  • Available in single door, double door & triple door models

The bad

  • It takes space for installation.
  • French Door Refrigerator

French door refrigerators are a modern version model that is hugely popular among consumers. Aside from the modern look, French door refrigerators also have a series of exciting features that are usually convincing to buy the product.

A French door refrigerator mainly varies from 30 to 36 inch in terms of width. It has two sections. The lower part is a dedicated freezer, and the upper part is a regular refrigerator. Both parts have double doors that open up to 90 degrees. You can say that it looks like a drawer with storage capacity. Its slim width helps to keep the appliance even in a small space.

The good

  • Great in preventing the escape of cool air
  • Energy-saving efficient
  • Spacious storage capacity
  • Perfect for small kitchen areas
  • Comes in double door & triple door model
  • Best for eating fresh foods & dairy products

The bad

  • It is a less organized refrigerator.
  • If you love storing cooked food to eat later, this type is not advisable.
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerator

The counter-depth refrigerator is a little bit different from our regular fridge. The death of the counter is a little shallow than our conventional refrigerators.

These model refrigerators fit a very cosy kitchen. You can Mount the refrigerator seamlessly with the countertop without leaving any space empty. The models of this category have a 27 inch to 30-inch Deep body. So you can have your walk space open after installing the model. It is the best model if you want to make your kitchen look fully integrated.

The good

  • Enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen
  • Does not occupy unnecessary spaces
  • Best for constructing kitchens
  • Comes in 3 different models of single, double & triple doors.

The bad

  • The counter depth refrigerator is an expensive choice over regular refrigerators.
  • Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge is a small function of the regular refrigerator. It is best for single people.

A few Mini fridge models have freezer and refrigerator sections divided. Though most of the regular models don’t offer this configuration. The whole space you can use to store your drink and food. The sizes of mini-fridges vary in different models. If you want a fridge for a definite purpose, then Mini freeze is your go to go product.

The good

  • Perfect for bachelors
  • Fits in small space, even on the countertop
  • Fits on a low budget
  • Cones with glass door & separate freezer section too

The bad

  • It is bad for family usage.


So you already have an idea about what type of refrigerator you want to buy. as you already have decided on that point, now move onto the next big thing. Consider the capacity of the refrigerator.

People buy refrigerators for multi-year uses. It is not a use and throw product. That is why you should consider that capacity repeatedly before making your choice.

There are 3 types of capacity to consider before making the purchase.

  • The gross capacity of the refrigerator includes the exterior length also. It is measured from the back of the refrigerator to the front door.
  • Then we get the net capacity of the product. It is the actual capacity of storage space you get inside the refrigerator. You can call it the storage volume.
  • And the last part is the freezer capacity. The freezer section is dedicated to making Ice and frozen foods. Freezer capacity is also an important factor to discuss.

People’s food habits play a huge role in deciding the perfect capacity of a refrigerator. If you are a vegetarian, then the right freezer & fridge ratio should be 20:80. But for non-vegetarian people, the 30:70 ratio will be good enough.

Peoples requirements are unique from one another. Even the best refrigerator in India comes with a wide range of capacity. You can select any of them. It all depends on the size and the storage space.

But here we have listed the chart, according to your family size, what should be the right capacity of your refrigerator. Check below and thank us later.

Family SizeSuggested Gross CapacitySuggested Models According To Door Types  Freezer capacity for vegetarian peopleFreezer capacity for non-vegetarian people
Bachelors or living alone person50L-80LSingle door refrigerator10-16 L approx15L – 24 L approx
Family with 1-3 members150L – 250 LSingle door, double door, triple door refrigerators30 L- 50 L approx45 L- 75 L approx
Family with 3-5 members250 L- 330 LDouble door & triple door refrigerators50L- 65 L approx75 L- 100 L approx
Family with 5-6 members350 L – 490 LDouble door Side-by-side refrigerator70L- 100L approx110 L – 150 L approx
Family with more than 6 members500 L onwardsDouble door & triple door side-by-side refrigerator100 L onwards150 L onwards

Defrost Type

Have you looked into the defrosting type of your refrigerator before? Let me tell you what a defrost type is and why it is important to consider.

What is frosting?

The temperature inside the refrigerator is low. Cool air circulates throughout the model to keep the freshness of food intact. Over time, the temperature drops. Then the air around the cooling coils condenses into water. Then the water gets freezed and becomes crystallized ice.

What is the backdrop of frosting?

  • If ice builds up much, it covers food also. Then the quality of foods gets hampered.
  • Too much filled up with ice reduces the storage capacity of the freezer.
  • Ice crystals also can damage refrigerator components. It can decrease the working efficiency of the freezer.

In simple words, defrosting means to release something from its frozen state. That means, if your refrigerator has a defrost facility, then you can keep your freezer ice crystal-free.

Types of Defrosting

From the Classic age of refrigerator to the modern ones defrosting type has changed a lot. Here is a list of all the defrost types available in today’s refrigerator.

Manual Defrost

The manual or natural defrost method is the oldest method in refrigerators. The Classic refrigerators used to have this method of maintenance. For defrosting your freezer manually, remove all the foods. Then leave the door open for a longer time. As the temperature rises inside the fridge, and the ice naturally gets dissolved.

  • Refrigerators with manual defrost methods are usually the cheapest ones. It also does not consume any electricity to perform this facility.
  • But the biggest backdrop of this manual defrost method is that it is time-consuming. After the ice gets melted, the owner needs to clean the freezer manually. That is also a disadvantage.

Automatic Defrost

Automatic defrost is more popular by the name of the auto-defrost technique. It is a newer technology than the manual defrosts method. It is a hands-free service to clean up the ice.

When you set Your refrigerator on defrost mode, the fan on the compressor starts working. After a fixed time, the temperature hits a certain level. Then the fan automatically gets switched off. That is how ice melts in defrost mode by gaining heat.

  • This method is a more hassle-free technique to clean up, as no human touch is required. It also does not require much time. Maintaining the proper quality of frozen foods is also easier with this method.

Frost Free Type

The best refrigerator in India has this feature labelled as a Frost-free refrigerator. It is the latest defrosting method. With this method, no human interaction is needed to perform the activity.

The refrigerators have an inbuilt thermostat and a timer. For every 2 hours, the freezer automatically starts the method to keep itself ice-free.

  • The only disadvantage of having a Frost-free refrigerator is that it is an expensive product. Aside from that, consumers have reported that their Frost-free refrigerator making noise while operating.


Below are some features that you should look at before buying the best refrigerator in India.

  • Door Locks & Alarm

It is safe against any accident. If the door remains open, the cool air escapes, and the fridge gets warmer. A door lock & alarm lets you know if the door properly closes. Families having toddler or pets must need child lock protection too. A little awareness can save your entire life.

  • Sliding Shelves & Drawer

 Sliding shelves are important for adjusting space inside the fridge. You can remove a shelf and put a big pot if necessary. The drawer provides organized space.

  • Climate Control Zone

Not every food inside the refrigerator requires equal weather conditions. If your fridge offers a different zone with a climate control panel, you can set the temperature & humidity accordingly.

  • Energy-Saving Ratings

Energy-saving rating is a must-have feature. The best refrigerator in India has 4 and 5 stars in energy-saving rate. The higher the efficiency refrigerator shows in consuming less power, the lower your electricity bill comes. But there is a drawback of these energy-saving rated refrigerators. These are more likely to be pricier than a regular low energy saving related refrigerator. But if you are not on a tight budget, you should select at least a 4 star rated refrigerator.

  • Noise Control

Every refrigerator makes noise during operation. But if the noise level goes louder, it can be a serious pain. That is why, before buying any product, you should check what decibel noise it produces. As the noise comes from the compressor, checking its efficiency also helps you to decide.

With our little help, we hope that you can buy the best refrigerator in India. Have an enjoyable summer.

Best Refrigerator in IndiaFrequently Asked Questions

Is moisture in a vegetable drawer is normal to have?

Vegetables contain moisture. When you place vegetables in the box, it gradually loses its moisture. Then the water evaporates. Some of the vegetable boxes have honeycomb crispers. The evaporated water condenses on that surface. Either way, the water can cause droplets inside the refrigerator body. But it is not an issue. Because the dynamic airflow of your refrigerator will sweep away the humid air. The cool air circulation prevents it from forming any water droplets.

There is a noise in the back of my refrigerator. Is it normal?

Every refrigerator makes noise while operating. Even the lowest noise-making products produce a humming sound. It is very much normal.

A compressor unit is on the bottom of the backside of a refrigerator. The fan motor is inside the model. As the cooling effect comes from the cooling coil, which is also inside the fridge. That is why a little sound comes from the back while the refrigerator is running. But an efficient compressor produces low noise as much as possible. If you suddenly find your refrigerator making more noise than regular, immediately disconnect it from the power supply and call for assistance.

Why is there water in the bottom of the auto-defrost refrigerator?

It is only possible when there is any fault in the drain tube. The auto-defrost technique never let water flow back inside the refrigerator. But when the drainpipe is blocked, the water won’t flow outside the appliance. That’s why the water comes back to the fridge main unit. You should call for professional help and remove the clogged pipe. Replacing it with a new product is the answer to your problem.

What should be the ideal temperature inside the refrigerator & freezer?

On an average 3°- 4°C temperature is fine inside the refrigerator and freezer. The upper limit is up to 7°C, and the lower limit is 0°C. Beyond that, your food can lose its quality and deteriorate faster. Your refrigerator has an inbuilt thermostat. Either there are seasonal changes, you should not worry about fridge temperature. Most of the fridge comes with seasonal modes. Set your appliance according to requirements.

How should I clean my refrigerator?

There is a certain procedure to clean the refrigerator as well as the freezer. Cleaning once every month is fine. A clean refrigerator is also a hygiene refrigerator. But if there’s any drink or something spilt inside the fridge, you should clean it quickly. Wipe it with a soft towel is best. For deep cleaning, you should empty your refrigerator first. Before that, unplug the appliance or disconnect it. After shifting all the stored items, you should also remove the removal tray, shelves or boxes. Then take a soft sponge or cloth with mild detergents. And clean the interior parts smoothly. No harsh spray & inflammable liquids should be used. Wash the removable parts and dry them. For the interior, use a dry cloth to pat it dry after cleaning. Take extra care not to leave any scratch on the fridge body or interior.

Is storing more than the capacity bad?

There is a reason why every refrigerator comes with a capacity label. The units of the refrigerator can properly function up to that mark. Most advanced refrigerators also can sense the storage load inside. The compressor & cooling technology perform accordingly. But when you put the extra load, the compressor works itself beyond its capacity to achieve the optimal temperature. But as it can’t reach that temperature, it constantly remains active. Afterwards, it can damage those units. Also, an overrun compressor can cause unwanted accidents.

How often should I change the water filter?

The water filter lifespan should be around 6 months. You should change the filter after that. As it is a carbon filter, it has a definite life. When we use it beyond the period, the harmful properties increase. Your water becomes tasteless as well as dangerous for your health. That is why you should change the water filter once every 6 months. The lifespan of the filter also depends on the water quality. If you live on city water, which is relatively better quality water, then your water filter can run extra two months finely. But not more than that is advisable.

Can a refrigerator get damaged from a power surge?

Refrigerators have an inbuilt stabilizer and a wide range of operating power. In general, power fluctuation can’t hamper your refrigerator. But, if there is an increase in a power surge, it can cause damage. A power surge implies to inrush electric current to the compressor unit. It also generates extreme heat in the meantime. As the compressor doesn’t get time to leave the heat, it gets damaged. Power surge also damages other parts as well like the ice chamber.

How much energy does a refrigerator consume?

No, your refrigerator is not the reason for your high electricity bills. Today’s refrigerators have energy-saving modes. Some of the models use as little as 1 unit per day for operating 24/7 hrs. You can safely use your refrigerator without thinking about electric consumption.