Having a drone camera makes you complete as a photographer who loves aerial views. The exciting features with high-resolution picture quality make it an undeniable companion for a passionate photographer. The drone camera price in India varies in a wide range according to performing the camera.

But we have tested some of them. Here we offer you the 7 best drone camera prices according to their availability. For the past few years, a drone has become a powerful accessory in the photography niche. Now taking excellent aerial shots is less costly than before. Drone cameras have made exclusive photography affordable for everyone.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best drone cameras in India. It will help you choose better with our drone camera buying guide.

Drone Camera Price in India

1. DJI Mavic Mini Fly Drone Camera


  • The lightweight of 2.83 grams
  • 1500 meters range of control
  • Remote control included
  • 2.7K quality pictures

The DJI Mavic Mini fly more combo is one of the best all-rounders among its competitors. This Drone camera price in India is also affordable. The maximum range of this drone camera is 1500 meters. DJI Mavic Mini has a smaller body with a weight of 2.83 grams.

It has 3 Lithium polymer batteries that give the Drone camera a flight time of 30 minutes. The 3-Axis mechanical gimbal with 2.7K 1530p picture resolution, the Mavic Mini fly more combo serves excellent quality video footage for your everyday adventure.

Some additional accessories over the original Mavic Mini kit provide excellent aerial photography opportunities to beginners and experienced pilots. 

2. DJI Mini 2 Fly Drone Camera


  • Weightless than 249 gram
  • Flight time 31 minutes
  • Range 10 km
  • 12 MP camera
  • Level 5 wind resistance
  • Maximum altitude 4000 meters

The DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo is undoubtedly the best drone camera under a budget-friendly drone camera price. You can capture 12 MP photos even at 4000 meters. This DJI Mini 2 model is a professional performer. The product is level 5 wind resistance tested and passed. 

It can record 4K HD quality videos.  In-built Ocusync 2.0 allows the drone camera to switch between two frequencies in a radius of 10 km transmission. This palm-size lightweight drone camera has a 31 minute flight time. Thus it gets enough time to capture the perfect memories. Another exciting part is its 4X digital zoom. You can shoot your favorite people comfortably from afar.

3. DJI Tello Drone with 5MP HD Camera


  • 5 MP HD camera
  • 720P picture quality
  • 13 minutes flight time
  • 360° operation mode
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Flying height 15 meters above ground level

The DJ I Tello Drone camera has a 5-megapixel camera. You can shoot 720 pixels video with a mechanical image stabilizer for crystal clear picture quality. The lightweight Drone camera of 80 grams has a compact size to carry around easily. You can control this Drone camera with your smartphone. 13 minutes of flying time makes this pocket-size Drone camera ideal to shoot moments.

The Drone camera price is affordable for beginners. It also has automatic take-off and landing mode. The users also get warnings for low battery in their smartphones. Also, you can take this Drone camera outside the house on a less windy day. Also, the drone camera price in India is very budget-friendly for beginners & professionals.

4. Gyro App Control Wi-Fi Camera Drone


  • 2 MP wide-angle camera with Wi-Fi support
  • 380 grams weight
  • Flying time is around 10 minutes
  • Maximum flying height 40-45 meters
  • 3-mode speed control
  • 3.7V Li-Polymer battery

This smart drone camera has a 2 megapixel HD wide-angle camera. You can have real-time image transmission with the Wi-Fi support system. The device has an in-built 6-axis gyro 2.4 GHz control system to hold and stabilize the camera at a high altitude, 

You can fly the drone camera up to a height of 45 meters above ground level. Also, you can keep it flying for 10 minutes. It provides the camera enough time to capture perfect shots. To make it more convenient for the users, manufacturers have given take-off and landing and return mode in this drone camera in a flick of a switch.

The Drone camera price is also within budget for beginners. The most exciting part of the Drone camera is its speed control. It has three different modes of speed you can control according to your convenience.

5. KIYANA Foldable Drone Camera


  • 652-gram weight
  • 4K HD dual camera
  • Wi-Fi supported live video
  • 3D flip feature

Kiyana foldable Drone has intelligent buildings. You can fly the drone camera in any direction without moving yourself.  The 652 gram Drone has a 4K HD dual camera. You can shoot excellent pictures and videos with the camera in a flight time of 12 minutes.

The users also can place the drone camera at 35 meters above the ground level with a 6 Axis gyro altitude stabilizer. It helps beginners to gain control over the drone camera. This device has an altitude hold and app control feature. The drone camera price is less than 10000, making it one of the best options available in the market.

6. Pioneer Foldable Drone Camera


  • The dual camera of 7MP & 2 MP
  • Flashlights
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Altitude hold
  • 650-gram weight

Chawla agency Pioneer foldable Drone has dual camera features. The primary camera is 7 megapixels, and the second one is a 2-megapixel camera for excellent aerial photography. The switching between both cameras is ultrafast and hassle-free. You also can take a selfie easily by hand gesture.

The flight time is around 10 minutes, and the drone camera has 360° rolling flight mode with exciting gesture photography. The drone camera holds itself stable in the air. Thus, it takes high-quality pictures. It also has flashlights with remote control for easier access to the drone camera.

All these exciting features come under an affordable drone camera price.

7. ARSTORE Foldable Camera Drone


  • 50 meters flying height
  • 10 minutes flying time
  • 480P picture quality
  • 360° flip

Arstore remote control foldable camera Drone has a 90-degree adjustable angle with 50X zoom. Shoot your favorite view from afar. Connecting with Wi-Fi, you gain access to the device with a remote control in a 150-meter radius. Also, the drone camera can capture 480p pictures. It might not be the highest resolution.

But it is very much decent quality for such an affordable price. This 410-gram drone can rotate freely in the air up to a height of 50 meters above the ground level.

Drone camera buying guide

The drone camera price in India can show the different drones. But apart from the price tag, there are some critical aspects to analyze before buying a drone camera.

Types of drone camera

There are different drone cameras available in the market. Based on the performance, there are a bunch of unique drone cameras. Most basic models are lightweight, and this drone camera price is also low. You can shoot decent quality video and photos within a lightweight drone for a lower price. You also can control these drones through an app via your smartphone.

Larger drones have integrated cameras with separate remote controllers. These types of drone camera prices are also high. You can take astonishing pictures through these drones. 

High-end drones have two categories of budget-friendly and premium models. High-priced models have greater flying heights with the longer flight time. For pro photographers, premium models are best.

  • Features

Whatever type of drone camera you select, there are a set of features you should look forward to before picking a device. Here we have mentioned those key features you should thoroughly check before making the payment.

  • Battery life:

Battery life is one of the key points behind a great performer Drone camera. Long battery life shows that the drone camera can fly in the air that long. Most of the high-end drones have a battery life of about 30 minutes. But the budget-friendly Drone cameras also have a battery life of 10 minutes.

It is also enough time to capture your favorite moments. Some brands provide an extra pair of batteries that you can replace after the former battery dies.

  • Camera:

A high-quality camera can capture excellent quality pictures. It is the primary aim of using a drone camera. Also, the camera quality influences the price of the device. Choose the camera according to your need. For beginners, a 5mp camera will also work great. But for a professional, you must have a wide-angle camera with HD picture quality.

  • Wind resistance:

Drones fly in the air. That is why having wind resistance in your drone camera can provide a longer lifespan to the device. A larger size drone is perfect for flying outside with different wind speeds. These stable drones also have better wind resistance.

They use the power of the wind to fly high and fast. But lighter Drone cameras have little resistance against strong wind. Flying them indoors is a much safer option.

  • Flight range:

Consider the flight range of your product before selecting the perfect device. Most professional drones have a flight range of 2 kilometers. Also, the advanced drone camera has a 500 meters range of operation. For the safety point, you should keep your Drone insight. If you want cinematic aerial photography, then having a better flight range is advisable for you.

  • Stabilization:

You can only capture high-quality footage if your drone camera has an altitude hold feature. Having gimbals can provide that drone stabilization at a higher altitude to shoot comfortably and produce excellent video quality. Most budget-friendly Drone models have multiple axis gimbals to provide the stabilization feature mechanical or digitally.

  • GPS:

Having GPS in your drone camera helps you to move the device. In cases of, it is out of your sight. It also helps to determine the automatic flight path for the drone camera. GPS provides the return to home function. Calling back your device in the original position is very easy now.

  • Brushless motors:

Brushless motors provide a longer lifespan to the Drone camera. It is easy to replace a brushless motor at a low cost. The easy-to-find spare parts make your device easy to maintain.

Drone Camera – Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need a license to fly a drone?

Drone laws are different in various countries. In most countries, pilots can fly a lightweight drone under 2 kg in a 150-meter radius. The flying place has to be at least 8 km away from the airport and less populated. Before buying a drone, you should learn the instruction of flight for your region.

2. Do I get any advantage for more rotors?

Having more rotors can make your drone more stable in the air. Most of the premium drones have many rotors for better lift. A drone with 4 or 6 rotors can fly even after one rotor stops working in mid-air. It means more rotors provide more safety to the device.

3. What is FPV?

FPV is an abbreviation for First Person View. You can monitor what your drone is seeing through a video downlink in your smartphone or an LCD monitor.

4. How long can a drone fly?

The regular flight time drone camera is around 10 to 20 minutes. It depends on the size of the device and its building


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