The best water purifier can serve you the healthiest drinking water. If you want to maintain your good health with beautiful skin & hair, buy the best water purifier in India.

Drinking water with impurities can cause illness and breed diseases. Therefore, water needs purification before consumption. Water purifiers can help to get rid of chemicals, biological contaminants, and hard solids. The fundamental process includes sedimentation, filtration, and distillation.

The Reverse Osmosis process is currently a must-have technique in all the filters to remove any large particles with its semipermeable membrane. Thus water purifiers ensure 100% healthy water without compromising the taste.

You might want to have a piece of depth knowledge about different water & recommended water purifiers. Then, we politely ask you to have a read to our water purifier buying guide

Let’s discuss more about the best water purifier in India, along with their advantages and downsides.

Best Water Purifier in India

1. Kent – 11076 New Grand 8-Litres RO + UV UF + TDS Water Purifier

Kent makes the best water purifier for homes available in the Indian market. The purpose of the Kent RO water purifier is to ensure clean water. It also has aimed to avoid wastage of water during the process. That is a unique feature of the KENT RO purifier.

  • One-year warranty on the product
  • Three years’ extended service is free
  • Multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
  • Removes organic & inorganic impurities
  • 100% pure drinking water
  • Mineral RO technology
  • Water level indicator
  • PAN India after-sale service network

The key aim is to provide 100℅ safe and tasty drinking water by using TDS Controller. The controller keeps natural minerals in the output water after purification.

Kent offers a wide range of models that are best suited for Indian homes and well workplaces. It also has an advanced UV/UF purification that helps remove the Chemicals, Salts, bacteria & viruses present. The Kent RO water purifier removes dissolved impurities.

It has a high storage capacity of 8 liters of purified water. We can extend the storage capacity up to 20 L/hr. Higher storage capacity helps to fasten the purification process.

The UV Storage tank helps to maintain the purest form of water for a longer time. Its disinfection present in the UV storage tank makes the water 100% safe for consumption.

The goal of the Kent RO water purifier is to provide healthier drinking water by softening the water. The Kent RO water purifier removes hard salts of calcium & magnesium to reduce the harshness. Then replace those salts with sodium salts.

Kent water purifier has its advancement to purify all kinds of water from various sources. That’s the primary reason KENT RO water purifiers are the most awarded brand in India.


  • RO water purifier helps to remove carcinogen, which causes cancer.
  • Kent water purifier also removes heavy metals like lead and serves safe drinking water.
  • With the help of the TDS Controller, the Kent RO purifier helps to keep essential minerals.
  • Kent water purifier maintains the pH level in drinking water for healthy consumption.
  • The double purification of RO-UV-UF makes the KENT water purifier the best in India.


  • RO water purifier takes a lot of time to complete the purification process.
  • KENT water purifier is quite expensive and consumes a lot of electricity.

2. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS 7L water purifier

If you prefer Non- electric water purifiers, Then Eureka Forbes is the best water purifier in India. It is also a smart choice to make for pure and safe drinking water. This RO purifier is portable to anywhere.

  • Multi-stages purification technology of RO+UV+MTDS
  • 6000 L cartridge life provides a one-year safe water supply
  • Smart LED indicators
  • Less water wastage
  • Sleek design

It’s rebranding as Dr. Aquaguard. The Aquaguard is quite Pricey & it’s topnotch. But AquaSure is a budget-friendly choice. It is easily affordable and comes with easy installation.

Eureka Forbes has already satisfied 20 million customers by providing the best RO water purifier in India. This aqua water purifier has a unique multistage process of water purification.

The multilayer process eventually eliminates excess TDS, Chemicals, and other impurities. It guarantees 100% pure and safe drinking water without compromising on taste.

This Aquaguard RO water purifier also assures that the purification is a 100% chemical-free process.

Aquaguard RO water purifier provides 8 Liter storage capacity. It also contains attractive LED indicators to show the real-time status of the purification. Aqua water purifier has to go through six stages for the purification process.

The first filter removes dust & dirt from the input water. After that, the water passes through the Chemi block. Chemi block removes impurities like chlorine and other organic contaminants. In this process. It also absorbs any foul smell from the water.

Then the water goes through the third stage of the purification process. It is a stage of taste adjuster. The MTDS purification system balances the taste of water. Then the water goes through the RO membrane.

RO membrane is the brain of this Aquaguard RO water purifier. In this stage, the RO membrane removes bacteria, viruses, and germs from the water. It also helps to remove heavy metals and the hardness of the water.

The fifth stage is the mineral cartridge. This purification stage helps to balance the pH level of drinking water. It also continues the original taste of the water after the purification process. Last, the pure water gets stored in the UV chamber. That is the last stage of the entire purification process.

Another exciting feature of this Aqua water purifier is its advanced auto-fill technology. With this feature, this RO water purifier refills itself whenever it feels necessary.


  • This mineral guard RO purifier is a budget-friendly choice.
  • It helps remove viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants with the help of a unique Mineral guard.
  • This mineral guard RO water purifier provides crystal clear and safe drinking water.
  • The wall-mounted design is highly approachable
  • The manufacturer offers a free installation service


  • The RO purifier needs to place out of the kid’s reach.

3. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage 8 liters Water Purifier

The Advanced version of purification comes with an HUL Pureit Copper water purifier. It’s the best water purifier for the home as it comes with a blend of modern technology and traditional goodness.

  • One-year warranty on the product.
  • Copper charge technology
  • Intelligent copper auto cleaning
  • 7-stages of the purification process with RO+UV+MF

The RO purifier comprises a Pre- sediment filter. This filter collects all the impurities and provides healthier drinking water.

The working method of this RO purifier is the electrochemical dissolution of copper in water. The purification starts automatically by refilling the Storage tank. It has an enormous capacity to hold around 8 liters under running water without electricity.

HUL Pureit copper + Mineral RO +UV +MF can purify 28 liters per hour. It’s easily portable and removes the hardness in drinking water. The Copper water purifier removes the impurities from the input water along with chemicals and other salts.

It has a Germkill kit with unique features. The RO technology can remove Arsenic, Fluoride, and nitrates. After the particular alert time, the water purifier goes to an auto shut off mode. Again, the system automatically activates itself whenever is necessary.

You can consume the stored water within two days. After that, the water needs to get discarded.

Cleaning or replacing the filter has become easy. HUL Pureit Copper water purifier has an in-built indicator. It shows when your water purifier needs replacement or cleaning.


  • You can never run out of RO water as it has a large storage capacity of up to 8 liters.
  • It prevents harmful toxic chemicals from reaching into the water.
  • The specific alert detector warns you prior 15 days before the shutdown of water.
  • It is a budget-friendly product.


  • You might need Pretreatment filter when the input water has sediments.
  • It is an expensive product.

4. Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Kent pearl RO water purifiers ensure Zero water wastage with the advancement in technology. It takes care of the rejected water circulating to its respective tank with its water booster pump.

  • Capacity 8 liters
  • Zero water wastage technology
  • Detachable storage tank
  • Multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS
  • Mineral RO technology
  • PAN India after-sale service network

It has a unique TDS controller, which ensures to keep the essential minerals in purified water. This feature makes Kent Pearl the best water purifier in India. It can produce pure water up to 20 liters/hr. But you also can get a maximum of 100 liters of pure drinking water in a day.

Kent pearl has a design of multiple purification processes of RO + UV + UF + TDS control. The primary goal is to dissolve the impurities present in the drinking water.

It may consist of Fluorides, Arsenic, Rust, bacteria, and viruses. Thus it provides 100% pure and safe drinking water for consumption. It comes with a detachable storage tank. You can maintain the storage tank without technical help.

Kent Pearl RO water purifier can purify all kinds of water from different sources. You can safely use it for municipal tap water, bore – well water, and Storage water tanks. It also comprises fit components to ensure safety from any leakage after purification.

The tank has a UV LED for disinfection. It protects the purified water to stay pure for a longer duration.


  • It provides 100% pure and safe drinking water and comes along with a Warranty and free services.
  • Zero water wastage technology is an advantage in the Kent pearl water purifier.
  • It has a unique feature of a wall-mounted design.


  • While focusing on the taste of the water, it might lose essential minerals during the purification process.
  • High level of maintenance required while detaching storage tanks with utmost care.

5. HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage 10 liters Purifier

The advanced RO + UV purification technology looks impressive on the HUL Pureit water purifier. It undergoes six stages of purification. Apart from purifying water, it adds up taste to drinking water.

  • Wall-mountable design
  • The multi-stage purification process of RO+UV+MF
  • Double purity lock
  • Advanced alert system
  • One-year warranty on the product

That assures 100% healthy drinking water. The system has a turbo flow where it can refill a 1-liter bottle in just 30 seconds. It ensures hands — free bottle fill zones where water automatically fills up according to our convenience.

The HUL Pureit water purifier also adds minerals to the purified water to ensure a better taste of the drinking water. It has a digitally advanced alert system. The system sends alerts 15 days before the Germkill kit is over.

The Membrane works on automatic. It cleanses itself at regular intervals. It’s a thin composite that goes in a spiral wound. HUL Pureit can kill 1-crore viruses in 1-liter water.

Purified water flows on an average from 12 to 9 liters per hour. The diaphragm pump works on 24V DC. This Pureit also needs power approximately 60 watts. The operating voltage is around 165–240 VAC 50 Hz.

Pureit helps to dissolve hardness, pesticides, salts, and other heavy metals like Arsenic, lead, and mercury. It also removes unwanted microbial contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and cysts.


  • It has an auto shut off system.
  • The manufacturer also provides the guided alert system.
  • It has the highest rating for its services.
  • The system also has a large storage capacity of 10L.


  • You cannot dispense water when the electricity is not there.
  • It has a high maintenance cost.

6. AO Smith Z9 Green RO 10 Litre Water Purifier

AO Smith Z9 Green RO water purifier has a storage capacity of 10 liters per hour. It also can store purified hot water up to 0.8 liters. The RO water purifier undergoes eight purification stages.

  • Free installation up to a municipal limit
  • One year comprehensive warranty on the product & its accessories
  • A massive 8-stages purification system
  • Wall mounting & tabletop design
  • Save 9000L water around the year

Those are PRE – filter, Sediment filter, Carbon block, Advance Recovery Technology (ART MAX), Patented Side Stream RO membrane, Mineraliser Technology, and lastly, ZX Dual protection filter (SAPC+SCMT).

In the reverse osmosis purification process, sometimes essential minerals get removed. Without minerals, water does not taste good. Also, this type of water is not recommendable for good health.

AO Smith water purifier has the unique feature of adding minerals to the purified water, ensuring fresh and tasty drinking water. The sweetness of the water remains uncompromised by maintaining the balanced pH value in water.

AO Smith RO water purifier provides an alert system. It has an indicator showing status for changing the filter or replacement of RO membrane. With one press, you’ll have your boiling water according to your choice of temperature. You also can have your purified water accordingly.

Water scarcity is a constant uprising concern in the digital world. Most of the RO water purifier disposes of an extensive amount of water in the purification process. But AO Smith RO water purifier has a smart building to save up two times more water than an ordinary RO purifier.


  • The unique night mode feature helps the water purifier to glow in dark places.
  • It has an attractive display.
  • AO Smith water purifier sends alerts in advance for the RO membrane to proceed with further changes.


  • The product is quite pricey.
  • It requires an enormous amount of electricity to perform the purification process.

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7. Harvell’s Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier

Harvell’s water purifiers also have advanced purification technologies, like 100% RO and Double UV protection. It helps to dissolve all the impurities, like lead and other chemicals.

  • Free installation
  • Seven-stage purification process
  • Dual mounting option
  • Budget-friendly

The system also undergoes seven stages of purification. Harvell’s water purifier helps to explore the range of epitomes of ascetic excellence in the purification process. It is the most effective and the best water purifier in India.

The best RO water purifier has a very stylish design and digital interface. The water purifier comes in a dual-tone color combination with the back-lit LED functional indicator. It enables us to keep a check on filtration and maintenance.

The Mineralz Cartridge on the fifth stage of the purification process corrects the pH balance in the output water. It also adds essential minerals back to the water to make it more healthy & tasty.

As water loses its must-have minerals in the reverse osmosis purification process, having a mineral cartridge is necessary.

It also provides Revitalizer Cartridge and helps in adding natural minerals in purified water. This process makes the water molecules biologically active, which improves hydration and mineral absorptions.

Havells water purifiers come with a wall-mountable design. You also can place it on a tabletop or corners. The storage capacity is approximately 8 liters, and also the purified water capacity is up to 15 liters per hour.

It comes with a unique soft-touch faucet that ensures zero splashes with zero contamination and smooth flow.

Voltage fluctuation is a common problem in India. It can severely damage your household appliances. To protect the water purifier from electrical damage, the manufacturer has given an electrical protection system in this RO purifier.

The operating voltage range of this water filter is 170V-330V. If voltage fluctuates outside this range, the electrical protection system securely saves the water purifier from damage.


  • It has a smart user interface with a self-diagnostic mode where it glows when purification is on.
  • It’s easily removable for cleaning and protects the tank with cover from contamination of insects and dust.
  • This water purifier is budget-friendly.


  • It creates a noise that increases while performing purification.

8. AO Smith Z8 Green RO 10 Litre Water Purifier

AO Smith Z8 has the newest design with a sensible digital display. It also has eight stages of the purification process for sweet and safe drinking water. The best RO purifier also serves you purified hot water at a single press.

  • Dual mountable building
  • Night help with LED lights
  • Mineralized hot water serving
  • Eight stages of the purification process

It is expensive because of its advanced water recovery features. It also provides essential Minerals to the purified water.

AO Smith Z8 contains a storage capacity of 10 liters of purified water and 0.8 liters of hot purified drinking water. This unique feature is helpful in winter. This feature always attracts customers.

It provides a choice of temperatures 45 Degree Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius. We can make a quick cup of tea or coffee at the temperature provided.

AO Smith’s advanced recovery technology can save water and avoid wastage of water. The advanced glowing feature guides us in the dark. AO Smith’s RO water purifiers are the first ROW with night help in India.

It also provides an alert system that shows the replacement of the RO membrane or filters. The operating voltage would be AC 150–300 V. It has a dual mountable design. You can mount it anywhere on a table-top, walls, or any corner.


  • It gives purified hot water at a single press of the button.
  • Night assist is quite useful, which glows within the dark.
  • It provides us a one-year warranty along with filters.
  • Double protection ensures that the water is 100% safe and healthier to consume.


  • It’s expensive and consumes a lot of electricity.

9. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF 10L Water Purifier

The New Eco recover technology is an efficient purification process. This Pureit water purifier offers you the best water saving compared to the other RO. It helps you to save 80 glasses of water daily. Unlike other RO purifiers, it undergoes seven stages for advanced purification.

  • One year comprehensive warranty including membrane & filters
  • Night help mode
  • LED indicator showing real-time status.
  • Dual mounting design
  • Save up to two times more than an ordinary RO purifier.
  • Sleek outlook

The RO +UV + MF removes harmful bacteria and viruses amid chemicals and other heavy metals. It provides 100% safe, sweet and healthy drinking water, making it the best water purifier in India.

The last stage of the purification process is SCMT. It is Silver Charged Membrane Technology. This SCMT process is more effective than a regular RO membrane.

Silver is famous for its antibacterial properties. After the RO membrane purification process, the water passes through the SCMT process to destroy any secondary bacteria. This double purification ensures 100% safety.

Pureit Eco water saver helps to enrich essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. This feature makes it unique. It also helps to purify every kind of water from different sources.

It has a large storage capacity of 10 liters per day. Pureit water purifier also ensures that no harmful toxic organism can leach into the water.

The advanced Germkill kit has an alert system that helps to warn you 15 days before the replacement. It has the toughest EPA by destroying 1 Cr viruses and 10 Cr bacteria from 1 glass of water.


  • It has a LED detector that shows the hardness of input and output water.
  • It ensures that 100% water passes through RO and purifies about 9-12 liters per hour.


  • There’s 75% of water wastage. Nearly 60 liters of water get wasted during the purification method.
  • It is expensive.

10. LG WW182EP RO+STS+UV+UF RO Multi-Stage Filtration with 8 LTR

LG water purifiers put your water through several multi-stage Filtration processes and provide protection.

  • Digital sterilization
  • Smart display with attractive design
  • Flexible installation
  • One-year warranty on the product.
  • Ten years warranty on the stainless steel storage tank

The Reverse Osmosis process ensures sweet and safe drinking water. The multi-stage filtration process removes contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and other chemical components that are as minute as 0.0001 micrometers in size.

Hence, the water purifier provides incredibly pure drinking water. This feature makes it the best water purifier in India. It has five stages of RO filtration system.

The first stage is an Outside Pre-Filter. Input water passes through this section to the next Sediment filter. In this stage, water leaves mixed sediments to the filter and flows to the next layer of the filtration process.

The third stage of the purification process is the Pre-Carbon filter. The Carbon bed traps down contaminants and any foul smell from the water.

In the next step, the RO membrane filters out debris like organic & inorganic contaminants. Chlorine, Nitrates, Arsenic, Lead, and many other impurities get removed from the water. Last, there is a mineral booster and Pre-Carbon filter to complete the purification process.

Mineral booster adds essential minerals to the water. It ensures minerals in the output water. Because, in the reverse osmosis purification process, water might lose its essential minerals and tasteless.

It also can lose its nutritional value. With mineral boosters, there is no chance of drinking unhealthy water.

LG water purifier contains a dual protection Stainless Steel water tank. It ensures the freshness of safe drinking water. A stainless steel tank also destroys the expansion of algae and bacteria.

It makes a stainless steel tank more hygienic than a portable plastic tank. LG Stainless-Steel water storage tanks have 94.4% less E. Coli growth in 24 hours than plastic tanks.

It comprises a digital sterilizing kit. The kit sterilizes the complete water path, faucet, and Storage tanks without harmful chemical usage.

The RO purifier also has a smart display. One can view the change of filter Indicator, UV sterilization indicator, and water level Indicator from a distance or night time.


  • It Removes metals like Arsenic, lead, salts, and other chemicals to get safe and tasty drinking water.
  • The RO purifier kills bacteria and viruses. Then discards their dead bodies from water using no chemicals.


  • There is a lot of water wastage in the purification process.
  • It requires more electricity to perform.
  • The price of the water purifier is high.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best water purifier in India, knowing the brand of water purifier is not enough. Buying the best water purifier for home needs more knowledge & understanding of your groundwater level.

You already know why to buy a water purifier. Drinking impure water is not suitable for health. So everyone wants pollutant-free, safe drinking water that is high in nutrient value.

But every water purifier is distinct from some service. Without understanding your groundwater, you may not drink the healthiest water even if you spend a lot of money on your water purifier.

Therefore, we have noted down every crucial point in this water purifier buying guide. Follow our footsteps, and you will bring the best water purifier in India.

Test your tap water

Testing your tap water is indeed very necessary before choosing the right water filter for your home. The groundwater level has fallen below the safety belt in most of the region. Your tap water might contain some contaminants that can be harmful to your health.

Every water purifier has some distinct specialty in service. Therefore, analyzing your tap water is crucial.

How to test your water

The impurities dissolved in groundwater can be arsenic, lead, chlorine, and other solid particles. We refer to these contaminants as TDS, meaning Totally Dissolved Solids. Heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, aluminum can be present in your water.

Some groundwater levels also show organic and inorganic salts like calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate, and sulfate. Identifying those impurities will help select the correct water purifier for your home.

TDS meter is available in the market. Anyone can buy it home and taste their tap water with no help from a professional.

Using the TDS meter is very simple.

  1. It comes with a protective cap. Before using it, you should remove it from the TDS meter. Now turn the TDS meter on and switch it to TEMP mode. Then put the meter down inside a glass of water and note the water temperature.
  2. After that, again switch the meter to TDS mode. Then put it inside the water, up to the maximum immersion point. Make sure no bubbles are there in the water.
  3. Hold the meter steady for 10 secs. After the meter got the reading steadily, press the hold button & remove it from the water.
  4. Now note down the reading on the meter.

Here, I have listed a chart of TDS levels with the analytical behavior of the water. Read it thoroughly to have a better understanding of the water.

TDS & Fact Sheet

TDS Level (Milligram/Litre)Visibility of waterQuality of waterVirus/ Bacteria presenceRemarksRecommended water purifier
Less than 50GoodUnacceptableYesNot suitable for health. No essential minerals are present.UV water purifier
50-150MuddyAcceptable for drinkingYesAcceptable range must be 80-150UV water purifier
150-250GoodExcellent for drinkingYesHealthiest drinking water. Good for cardiovascular diseaseRO+UV water purifier
250-350GoodGood qualityYesMost of India drinks water from this range.Multistage water purifier RO+UV+UF with TDS controller & mineralizer
350-500GoodFairly acceptableYesBelow 500 is acceptable to drinkMultistage water purifier RO+UV+UF with TDS controller & mineralizer
500-900GoodLess acceptableYesOriginal water is not recommendable for drinking. But RO purifier can make it useableMultistage water purifier RO+UV+UF with TDS controller & mineralizer
900-1200MuddyLess acceptableYesOriginal water is not recommendable for drinking. But RO purifier with TDS controller can make it useableMultistage water purifier RO+UV+UF with TDS controller & mineralizer
1200-2000MuddyUnacceptableYesNot fit for drinking. Only the latest model of RO water purifier can reduce the TDS level.Latest model of RO purifier
Above 2000NAUnacceptableNAOne should not drink this water. An industrial water purifier can reduce the TDS level.Industrial water purifier

Different Types Of Water Purifiers

There are five types of water purifiers in India, depending on the water purification method.

RO Water Purifier

RO water purifier is one of the famous choices among Indian users. RO means reverse osmosis process. In this water purifier, there is a semi-permeable membrane.

When water passes through it, the thin-film composite membrane traps large contaminants. After that, we get pure water to drink.

In the water purification process, the water lips all impurities like lead Mercury sediment and others behind it ensure water safety.


  • Completely safe & pure water
  • High-capacity storage
  • Suitable for water with high TDS
  • It also can purify hard water.


  • RO water purifier might alter the taste of the water.
  • There is also a chance of water wastage.

Composition of RO Water Purifier

RO water purifier has a multilayer composition. Let’s look at the components of the said water purifier to understand its working process better.

  • Sediment pre-filter

It is the first layer of the RO water purifier. In this pre sediment filter, the fine particles get removed from the input water. Only smooth water passes through the RO membrane in the next steps. So the life of the RO membrane gets improved.

  • Activated Carbon Pre-filter

If there are any harmful pesticides dissolved in the input water, Activated carbon filters out those pesticides to serve clear water. The activated carbon pre-filter is also very useful to remove awful order from our drinking water. It also helps to make the water taste better.

  • RO membranes

RO membrane is the most exciting part of this RO water purifier. It is a semi-permeable membrane that removes hardness, heavy metals, contaminants, etc. This membrane has the power to eliminate micro bacterial impurities like a virus, bacteria.

This membrane is the reason that users trust in RO water purifier.

  • TDS controller

The importance of TDS controllers in a water purifier is to maintain essential minerals in the output water. The Reverse Osmosis process sometimes removes minerals from the water, like calcium and magnesium. But with a TDS controller, the balance of essential minerals gets verified. 

  • UV filter

The next stage of the RO water purification process is the UV filter. There is a high-intensity UV bulb placed in the water purifier. The UV rays from this bulb securely kill the virus, bacteria, and different parasites living in the water. UV filters are one reason that RO water purifiers purify water up to 99.9%.

  • Carbon post-filter

In the Reverse Osmosis process, the taste of the water can get altered sometimes. The carbon post-filter helps to maintain the original taste of the water. Your drinking water gets healthy and tastier with r o water purifier.

  • Storage tank

RO water purifier has a storage tank to store purified water. Having a storage tank in your water purifier can reduce your work pressure. You can do some other household chores while your drinking water is getting purified.

  • Smart display

Most of the RO water purifiers have smart building technology to make it more convenient for busy people. There are simple displays with emergency alerts. You can easily change the RO membrane or check the TDS level in the indicator.

Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

When groundwater has less chemical contamination trapped in it, the UF water purifier is crucial for those regions. The simple technology used in this water purifier makes it cost-efficient for every consumer base. People can have safe water with little investment in it.

The purification process of ultrafiltration water purifier is very much similar to RO water purifier. In UF water purifiers, there is also a thin layer of fiber membrane. It helps to separate impurities from the input water.

The best part about the Ultrafiltration water purifier is it does not need electricity to perform. All you need is to pour water into the water purifier. And it will get purified by passing through double layers of filters. Whenever it passes through filtering sections, it leaves contaminants, germs behind.

The only difference between a RO water purifier and a UF water purifier is that RO removes microorganisms from water more efficiently. The pores of a UF water purifier membrane are larger than a RO membrane. So a UF water purifier cannot remove microparticles.


  • It is a cost-effective solution for having safe water.
  • UF water purifiers also can clear out muddy water.
  • A smart portable building is another turning point of this water purifier.
  • The excellent purification process is another vital point of this product.
  • It works well in low water pressure.


  • UF water purifiers cannot separate dissolved salts from water. So it cannot remove the hardness of the water.
  • It is a high maintenance product. The product needs cleaning frequently.

Components of a UF water filter

UF water purifiers generally have two different purification filters. Here I have noted down the importance of those filters in a UF water purifier.

  • Activated carbon filters

The activated carbon filter is the master filter of a UF water purifier. The carbon filter presents above the lower compartment of an ultrafiltration water purifier. As there are plus charged ions present in the activated carbon filter, it absorbs the chlorine-based contaminants.

To provide those positively charged ions, manufacturers use woods, coal particles, and coconut shells in the water purifier. Activated carbon also works great to remove foul odors from the water.

It also keeps the balance of the original taste of the input water after it passes through this filtration stage.

  • Sediment Filters

There is another filtering section above the activated carbon filters. The sediment filtering section helps remove dust particles from the input water. If large impurities are lying in the water, sediment filters help to get rid of them.

The pores of the sediment filters are suitable only for large molecules. The difference between both filtering sections shows how brilliant the UV water purifier building is. Both filters perform individually and get rid of every impurity from the water. We get to drink clean & safe water.

UV Water Purifier

An ultraviolet water purifier is undoubtedly one of the safest water purifiers available in the Indian market. This multi-layer water purification system ensures to eliminate 99.99% of germs and bacteria from input water, and we get safe and clean water to drink.

The best part about this water purifier is that there are no chemicals used in the purification system. So this purifier is also a product that serves the human race while protecting nature.


  • A UV water purifier is an eco-friendly choice.
  • The water purifier does not alter the taste of the water under the purification process.
  • It is also a low maintenance system in nature.
  • UV water purifier consumes less power to operate.


  • It can not remove chlorine & arsenic from the input water.

Components of UV water purifier

Now, look at the components of a UV water purifier. You will see four units inside the water purifier. Let’s discuss a little more about these components and their working process.

  • The Reactor chamber

There are stainless steel chambers for the reactor placed inside the water purifier. It houses the UV lamp and sleeve. The crucial importance of this chamber or reactor is to control the water flow inside the water purifier.

You can get various types of a chamber according to the unit of the water purifier. Building from original materials & in different shapes, a water chamber always performs equally well in controlling the water flow throughout the water purification system.

  • The UV Lamp

The role of a UV lamp placed inside an ultraviolet water purifier is to produce UV-C rays. UV-C is a wavelength of UV light that is germicidal. The rays eliminate various kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses living in the input water.

There are different UV lamps available in the market, and their disinfection process is also distinct depending on the application.

  • The Quartz Sleeve

It is a cylindrical tube made of Quartz glass. The importance of a quartz sleeve in a UV water purifier is to protect the UV lamp in the water.

The UV lamp transmits UV-C wavelength throughout the tube into the water. Otherwise, minerals and other contaminants can hamper the sleeves. That is why the Quartz sleeve needs regular cleaning.

For the purification of water, the Quartz sleeves are a crucial component of a UV water purifier.

  • The Controller Unit

The controller unit is the most crucial part of a UV water purifier. It is more like a brain to control the functions throughout the system. The control unit controls the electrical output inside the water purifier.

It also powers the UV lamp to produce UV C wavelength. The complexity of a controller unit can vary in different UV water purifiers.

There are some other optional components inside a UV water purifier. But these four are the most crucial parts of the system.

Activated Carbon Water Purifier

The activated carbon water purifier has gradually become a mainstream water purification system. If your home groundwater is high on free chlorine, then having an activated carbon water purifier is essential for a home.

Activated carbon is very efficient in removing heavy metals from water. That is the reason activated carbon water purifier is one user’ favorite. Charcoal is activated carbon.

People can usually derive activated carbon from coal, coconut shells, nutshells, and wood. Especially if the water carries many waterborne diseases caused by pesticides, activated carbon water purifiers are heavily compatible in purifying those kinds of water.


  • An activated carbon water purifier efficiently eliminates waterborne diseases caused by pesticides.
  • Activated carbon water purifiers are also helpful to eliminate toxic contaminants like chlorine.
  • Heavy metals also get eliminated.
  • It does not alter the original taste of the water.
  • There is no foul smell found in the output water.
  • Activated carbon bed is also an essential component in other water purifiers, like RO water purifiers.


  • It cannot remove the hardness of the water.
  • Activated carbon does not help remove dissolved salt.
  • An activated carbon water purifier does not eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Work process of activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters work on the method of physical adsorption. It happens when water passes through an activated carbon bed. Intermolecular forces break molecules into macromolecular pieces. Then traps them on the surface of activated carbon.

That is how contaminants get attracted to the activated carbon bed in the water purifier. Besides physical adsorption, there are also chemical reactions performed by activated carbon.  That also helps to purify water.

Free chlorine molecules can react to acids and form carcinogens. But chlorine comes into contact with activated carbon in this water purifier. Then it forms chloride ions and gets trapped in the carbon bed.

Types of activated carbon water purifier

There are mainly two types of carbon used for water filtration. One is powdered activated carbon, and one is granular activated carbon.

  • Powdered activated carbon (PAC)

Powdered activated carbon is a smaller particle and efficiently traps various impurities from the input water.

  • Granular activated carbon filter

Granular activated carbon filters have wide usage in the industrial water purification system. In this type of filter, there are cylindrical containers holding particles of granular activated carbon.

Water passes through the cylinder and flows into the system. The loose carbon particles filter out the impurities from the input water.

But the major disadvantage of a granular activated carbon filter is that it is high in maintenance. The carbon bed needs cleaning regularly. Otherwise, the trapped organic impurities can form bacteria or microorganisms in the system.

Passing the water through the container of granular activated carbon is also strenuous. Water often passes through the part where there is no or less resistance by the carbon bed. It can hamper the purification process.

  • Carbon block filters

A carbon block filter is a combination of the powdered activated carbon filter and granular activated carbon particles. Water passes through the blocks of carbon, and the carbon particles remove the impurities.

Passing the water through the carbon block is easy. Also, the surface area is larger than other activated carbon filters. So a carbon block filter more effectively removes contaminants.

Sediment filter

Just like its name, a sediment filter removes different sediments. If there are any impurities like dust, sand, or any suspended solid, a sediment filter removes those.

Unlike other filters, sediment filters can eliminate impurities we can see in naked eyes like mud, silt, or any other solid particles. A sediment filter is a pre-filter.

You can connect a sediment filter with a RO or UV water purifier. Then the output water of a sediment filter automatically passes to the other water purifier as input water.


  • You can use a sediment filter for the whole house water supply.
  • It catches debris by its micron-rated capacity.
  • A sediment filter protects house appliances by separating solid particles from the water supply.
  • You can use it with your RO or UV water purifier to have 100% safe water.
  • It does not change the taste of the water.


  • It does not eliminate heavy metals, dissolved salts.
  • A sediment filter is also not very efficient in removing germs & bacteria from water.
  • It can’t remove any foul smell from water.

Why Sediment filter is important

Until now, the water purifier has only served pure drinking water for our good health. But sometimes, when groundwater is full of solid particles, it can hamper our household appliances.

When water pipes get rusted, the flakes can get mixed up in the water supply. It can clog geysers and other home appliances. Also, input water high in sediments can prevent efficient reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification processes.

In times like this, a sediment filter can make your life easy. You can manage your home more comfortably with the sediment filter attached to your RO or UV water filter.

  • How a sediment filter works

The work method of a sediment filter is mechanical filtration. Like we catch any unwanted bug in our home. A sediment filter catches unwanted solid particles in the input water. But a sediment filter does not prevent water from flowing.

It only separates solid particles in water. We even can cool water at that stage. When water passes through a sediment filter, the core of the filter becomes narrower. It lets only pass the water slowly. Thus it catches solid particles.

Now you know how to choose the best water purifier in India. Bring that to your home and enjoy safe drinking water. We wish you good health.

Best Water Purifier – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much energy will a water purifier consume?

The energy consumption of a water purifier depends on its capacity and usage. A mid-size family drinks about 15 liters of drinking water on an average day.

If they have a 25-watt water purifier machine, then the electricity consumption might be around nine units per year. Though, the energy consumption can vary in different models and types of water purifiers. But the consumption of power by water purifiers is almost negligible.

2. How often should I clean my water purifier?

There is no fixed period when you should change your water purifier or clean it. The cleaning of water filters depends on the filter type and the water consumption of your household.

If you have placed a sediment filter connected to your waterline, the filter needs a change after 100 gallons of water supply. It might take around four months.

For other types of water purifiers, clean it after a 40 gallon purified water supply. But for a large family, a water filter might need cleaning every 2-6 weeks. Most household water purifiers have a clinging calendar or electronic indicator.

It reminds you about the time when your filter needs replacement or cleaning.

3. What does a double purification by RO + UV/UF mean?

In most regions, groundwater comprises sediments and contaminants. For a single water filter, it is not easy to filter out all organic & inorganic impurities. For supplying 100% secure drinking water to the users, some manufacturers have used double purification Technology. They have combined a RO water purifier with a UV or UF water purifier.

The system uses RO + UV + UF + TDS water purification to clean the water. A double water purifier can assure people about the safest drinking water.

4. How can I use rejected water?

One of the major problems of using a RO water purifier is wastewater. A RO system discharges about 2 liters of wastewater for every liter of pure water.

As there is already a crisis of groundwater, wastewater is not acceptable. But using rejected water is possible. You can use the reject water as input water in a 2nd RO water purification system.

The output water from the 2nd RO system is usable. But the rejected water from the second RO system is unfit for human consumption. We can use it in our household for gardening.

5. What is the maintenance charge of a RO purifier?

Before you buy a water purifier for your home, know the maintenance charge for your appliance. A RO water purifier is a higher maintenance product than other types of water purifiers.

The reason behind the higher maintenance cost of a RO water purifier is its multi-filters. RO membrane is one of the costliest parts of a RO water purifier.

If the membrane gets hampered, it can be pricey to your pocket. But on average, the RO water purifier maintenance charge can cost between 1000 to 6000 rupees.

6. What material is suitable for the storage tank of a water purifier?

There are different storage tanks for water purifiers available in the market. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a high-quality thermoplastic polymer.

It is a widely chosen choice to build storage tanks for water purifiers. ABS can perform consistently even in high-temperature fluctuations. Being a polymer, it also can easily withstand the weight of the water purifier.

It also works great under water pressure. Do not worry about harming your nature anymore. ABS plastic is a recyclable, non-toxic material.

A stainless steel storage tank is also available in the market. It is much heavier than ABS plastic.

7. Is a Mineral guard different from a regular RO purifier?

A regular RO purifier sometimes removes essential minerals from your drinking water. Without those minerals, your drinking water does not perform well as it should. It also makes the water tasteless.

To find a solution to this problem, manufacturers have built a mineral guard RO water purifier. It especially gives extra care not to remove essential minerals.

The output water does not lose its nutrition value and taste. A mineral guard RO purifier maintains the pH balance of water well. There are different names for this mineralizer RO purifier. The mineral guard RO purifier belongs to the Aquaguard company.


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