If you don’t get time to travel to the gym, bringing the best treadmill in India for home use can solve your fitness problems. As we have become extremely busy with our lifestyle, some people cannot find time to look after their health. For them, a useful treadmill is like having a best friend at home.

A treadmill is a running belt, operating with an electric motor. Significantly, a treadmill for home has a compact design to keep it in our cozy homes.

If you are already keen to resume your exercising routine, then you already have faced the pain of choosing the best treadmill in India for home use. As many varieties of treadmills are there in the market, as much as our confusion grows bigger.

After researching a lot, we have finally come up with a list of the 10 best treadmill in India for home use. Below are the features, we have discussed before picking these 10 times

  • Speed
  • Weight endurance
  • Key features like display, USB attachment
  • Motor
  • Running surface
  • Portability

Now is the time to reveal the 10 best treadmill in India for home use. Have a detailed read of the article, and you can select the best product for yourself

Best Treadmill In India

1. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

When you have no time to visit the gym, you can bring the PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 treadmill home. Since it is a motorized treadmill, you get a good experience running on the conveyor belt. This powerful treadmill is not only fashionable but also keeps less space occupied. Hence, your home does not become congested at all. Moreover, it has a grass textured running belt with space of 43.3″ X 15.75″. This spacious belt leads to a comfortable running experience.

Despite making an effort to be in shape without a trainer, you face no resistance in achieving your goal. Because the cast steel body absorbs shock. Thus you never face stress on your joints. With these incredible good features, this PowerMax Fitness treadmill becomes the best treadmill in India for Home Use.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 1.75 Horsepower
  • Speed- 1-10 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 30 KG
  • Max User Weight- 100 KG
  • Warranty- Lifetime frame warranty; 3-years on motor; 1-year on parts & labor

Product Features

  • Heart Rate Sensor

The heart rate sensor allows you to keep track of your heart rate. By just keeping your palm on the handle you get a real-time status of your heart. It is immensely helpful to maintain your health as well as fitness.

  • USB Connection

On the contrary to a serious feature like a heart sensor, the treadmill has a USB connector attached to it. You can enjoy music by connecting your USB pen driver with it. Although it looks like an entertainment feature, listening to a song cheers you up in your daily exercise routine.

  • 12 Preset Programs

Further to the previous features, this treadmill has 12 preloaded programs. Programs like calorie burning, distance goal, time & others help you track down your progress.

The Good

  • Steel roller keeps the running belt in the center.
  • The anti-skid running belt ensures your safety while you are running on the track.
  • It has a 99% copper motor, which is a powerful performer
  • Low noise level up to 68dB makes no disturbance to other people at home.
  • An affordable budget makes it a good choice for people
  • The lightweight product is easily portable.

The Bad

  • People more than 100 kg weight can’t use this treadmill

2. Fitkit FT200 (4.5HP Peak) DC-Motorised Treadmill

Fitkit FT200 is a fashionable treadmill with a powerful dc motor. However, this treadmill has really cool features like fitness app programs with live training sessions. For this reason, Fitkit FT200 becomes an unparalleled choice for the best treadmill in India for home use.

A spacious running belt with a max speed of 16km/hr provides you scope to use your full potential in running. However, for anyone who wants to start their journey in exercising at home, this is a great treadmill to buy.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 2.25 HP
  • Speed- 1-16 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 65 kg
  • Max User Weight- 110 kg
  • Warranty- 1-year on motor & manufacturing defect; 3-years on frame

Product Features

  • Fit plus App

Modern treadmills need to have modern features. That’s why this product can be connected to the Fit plus App. Since the Fit plus app shows you the real-time status of your health, you can keep a check on it. Furthermore, Fitplus is commendable via apps like Amazon Alexa, Google Fit, Fitbit, etc. Therefore, you can monitor your health parameters regularly.

  • LED Display:

The treadmill has an attached display to it, which makes your exercise lots more fun than regular treadmills. Apart from the entertainment, the LED display shows you your running time, burnt calorie, distance goals, etc in an instance.

  • Durability

The steel body makes this treadmill strong & hardy. Thus it can endure the pressure of more than 110 kg weight. If you are someone over the 100 kg margin, you can safely buy this item.

The Good

  • Powerful dc motor makes this treadmill a great performer
  • The LED display shows heart rate, time, distance, speed, calories, etc.
  • ONEFITPLUS.LIVE offers you free training session with athletes
  • The treadmill consumes low energy. Hence it becomes an eco-friendly option for nature lovers.
  • The anti-skid running belt keeps you safe from falling off the belt.

The Bad

  • The price is a bit high than other treadmills available in the market

3. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 (2.5 HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill for Home

Lifelong  Fitpro LLTM09 is one of the most trusted treadmills you can find in India. With a powerful motor and a variety of features, this product becomes the best treadmill in India for home use. And it is justified to call it so.

The treadmill can endure up to 90 kg weight, which covers more than the average weight range. Further to its maximum weight capacity, it also has amazing features like a heart sensor, spacious running track with shock absorption, and many others.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 2.5 HP
  • Speed- 1-10 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 31 kg
  • Max User Weight- 90 kg
  • Warranty- Lifetime frame warranty; 3-years on motor; 1-year on parts & labor

Product Features

  • Wide Running Surface

The dimension of the running belt is 1100 X 395 mm. Due to this large space for walking or running, Indians feel more comfortable using it. Since the highest speed of the treadmill goes up to 10 km/hr, the wide space ensures user safety while exercising.

  • Speakers

With USB inputs, the item also has speakers attached to it. Since the product already has 12 loaded programs, speakers with AUX help to use the variable modes more comfortably. Don’t forget to listen to your favorite music there too.

  • Foldable design

One of the most attractive features of this product is its 90-degree foldable design. The design consequently makes the treadmill good for mobility. Apart from its easy portability, the treadmill is also very light in weight. Thus it becomes the best treadmill in India For home use to the people who live their life on the wheel.

  • Powerful motor

The treadmill has a 2.5 HP dc motor. This motor contributes to the treadmill’s supreme performance. Despite it being such a strong motor, the treadmill can accommodate beginners as well as experts.

The Good

  • Affordable cost makes it people’s first choice
  • Sensors like heart rate, calorie burn is very helpful
  • The anti-skid running track doesn’t let you slip while exercising
  • Display monitor gives the flexibility to use the machine
  • It is easily portable because of its lightweight

The Bad

  • People over 100 kg weight can’t use this treadmill

4. Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home Use

Healthgenie 3911M is the best choice for a fitness enthusiast. A strong 2.5 HP motor with a steel body makes this product an excellent performer. Further to its sturdiness, the treadmill offers features like a wide running track, pulse sensor, speakers, and many more. However, the biggest plus point is its 90% assemble state. As a result of its portability, you can bring the treadmill to your garden or terrace easily to run in nature. Thus it becomes the best treadmill in India for home use.

The Specs

  • Horsepower-2.5 HP
  • Speed- 1-10 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 36 kg
  • Max User Weight- 100 kg
  • Warranty- 3-years warranty against frame; 1-year warranty against motor & other parts

Product Features

  • 3″ LCD Display

The treadmill has a 3″ LCD, which makes it more modern & fashionable. The LCD is certainly a great help in monitoring speed, distance, time, burnt calories & many other key features.

  • Portability wheels

Though the product weighs less, it is already compatible with portability. In addition to that, the wheels are also mobility efficient. Thus it becomes a great product that can be easily moved. Try running on the treadmill in any place you want at your home.

  • Pulse Sensor

Do you want to know why this product can be the best treadmill in India for home use? Because of its pulse sensor. When you can check your real-time pulse rate while exercising, it becomes very beneficial to your health. Moreover, your pulse rate is also related to your heart condition. Thus you can keep your heart in check & hopefully it remains healthy too.

  • Safety Features

A lot of cool features are there on this treadmill. One of them is its safety features. It has an emergency stop button on the handrail. Since handrail is our first instinctive approach while falling, providing a stop button is very thoughtful. Thus the treadmill double protects our good health.

The Good

  • The product is energy-saving efficient.
  • The affordable price makes it a great option to buy
  • LCD screen to monitor real-time status like speed, distance, pulse rate, etc.
  • It has an AUX port & MP3 speakers
  • Buttons for controlling the volume of the speaker is available

The Bad

  • Customer service is not very active.

5. Cockatoo CTM-05 1.5 HP – 2HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill for Home

If you want to have the latest model treadmill on an affordable budget, this Cockatoo CTM-05 is a must-buy product. Because of its latest features & sleek design in body, it is the best treadmill in India for home use as of now. For a hassle-free workout session, the treadmill offers convenient user support. With 12 preset programs, this treadmill has great utility. In addition to its utility, the wide running belt adds to its comfort. Thus it becomes a household name for Indian fitness lovers.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 1.5 HP
  • Speed- 0.8-14 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 36 kg
  • Max User Weight- 90 kg
  • Warranty- 3 years on motor; 1 year on parts; Lifetime warranty on frame

Product Features

  • 5″ LED Display

Most of the treadmill has a 3″ LCD screen. In contrast to that, Cockatoo CTM-05 has a 5″ LED display. This screen not only makes the treadmill luxurious but also enhances its performance. For example, you can keep track of your running status, pulse rate, burnt calories, and incline level. Furthermore, changing between 12 pre-set programs is also easy with a bigger screen.

  • Transportation wheels

Cockatoo CTM-05 is a lightweight product. However, its compatible wheels make the transportation of the product smooth. With the help of these mobility wheels, you can move the treadmill anywhere without using muscle strength.

  • Key Features

The treadmill has lots of inbuilt features which are user-friendly and technologically advanced. Key features such as MP3 speakers & AUX input enhance our entertainment taste. Nevertheless, you get to enjoy your favorite music while running. In fact, this feature is compatible with iPhone, Android & MP3 players as well.

The Good

  • The noiseless motor gives a silent workout experience
  • Energy consumption is low on this treadmill. Hence, you can cut down your electricity bill with this product.
  • The running track absorbs shock and provides a smooth workout session
  • The product is affordable
  • Installation is easy

The Bad

  • The product is not compatible with overweight people

6. PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 (4HP Peak) Smart Folding Electric Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 is a treadmill with a folding design and the latest technology like virtual assistance. This semi-lubricated treadmill has 15 auto incline levels. As a result, this electric treadmill becomes suitable for heavy workout sessions. With a 15% wide running belt & 12 pre-set programs, the product is the best treadmill in India for home use with no objection at all.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 2 HP
  • Speed- 1-14 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 58 kg
  • Max User Weight- 115 kg
  • Warranty- 3 years on motor; 1 year in Parts & Labor

Product Features

  • 14 cm Bright Blue LCD Display

You can track your calorie burnt, speed, pulse rate, BMI fat function, and distance goals on this treadmill. PowerMax has given a 14 cm bright blue LCD display attached to the treadmill. Apart from its size, the display also has a unique design, which makes it more user-friendly and luxurious by looking at it.

  • Running surface

Powermax fitness TDA-230 has a PVC-made running board. 1.83 mm thick multiply polyester Satin-made running belt can absorb shocks. Thus, it becomes an anti-skid belt for running and walking. In addition to that, the running belt is almost 15% wider than any regular treadmill available in the market.

  • Hydraulic Soft-drop System

The latest treadmills have a Hydraulic Softdrops system. Evidently, PowerMax Fitness TDA-230 also has this folding system. It is an easy-to-use holding system where you can unfold that treadmill by just clicking the yellow tube and lowering the product. In other words, this system is impactful in eliminating its weight while moving or folding that treadmill.

  • ComfortTech 6-Point Commercial Damping System

This technology has impressive absorption, which provides a softer landing. Furthermore,  the running belt can adjust itself to the speed of the user. Since it matches the natural movement of your feet,

its dual shock spring absorption reduces stress from your joints. Thus the treadmill takes care of your body even when you’re overworking yourself.

The Good

  • The treadmill has speakers with AUX/USB connections; iPad & mobile holder is also there in the frame.
  • 15% wide running belt gives ultimate comfort in exercising
  • The handrail has a heart rate sensor to check your health by placing your palm.
  • The maximum user capacity is 115 kg, which is the most among its market competitors. Further to 115 kg endurance, PowerMax also suggests having an extra 25 kg in weight for running.

The Bad

  • The price is high

7. PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 SERIES (4.0HP Peak) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill

PowerMax builds the best treadmill in India for home use. With the latest technology & superior design, the PowerMax treadmill adds value to your workout session.

 Utility features like an anti-skid running belt, BMI check & many others make it an excellent performer. The PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 series is a powerhouse treadmill for beginners as well as pros.

The Specs

  • Horsepower-2 HP
  • Speed- 0.8-14 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 58 kg
  • Max User Weight-115 kg
  • Warranty- 3 years on motor; 1 year in parts & labor

Product Features

  • Smart Run Function

The Powermax treadmill has an intelligent feature like Smart Run Function. For instance, the treadmill memorizes your workout method. When you again follow the same training, the product auto-adjusts itself beforehand to give you ultimate user satisfaction.

  • BMI & Pre-Set Programs

New generation treadmills not only keep you in shape but also keep your overall health in check. For example, PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 has 12 pre-set programs to help you with an intense workout session. However, while running on the track, you can calculate your BMI. For providing the facility, the product has a FAT function feature. Now you can keep yourself healthy by just running on the best treadmill in India home use.

  • Auto Inclination

The treadmill has an 18 auto inclination option. Though it is a new level of technology, this feature is very impressive to provide user satisfaction. When you change your workout style, the treadmill adjusts itself to the new method. Auto inclination makes this robust smooth for the motor. Thus the transition feels more natural.

The Good

  • 5.5″ LCD display to monitor stats
  • Auto- lubrication makes the maintenance easy
  • The treadmill has an auto-stop safety function to skip mishaps.
  • Noiseless operation for a no-disturbance workout session
  • There are speakers with AUX/USB connections.

The Bad

  • The product is pricey

8. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill

MAXPRO PTM405 wants to enhance the style of workout in the home. For that reason, the treadmill offers a variety of useful features with a great design. It is a foldable treadmill with an electric motor. In addition to its powerful motor, the treadmill also has new-age technology like video calling ability & portability. Thus you can experience a gym workout, without moving out of your house. No wonder, that this product is a tough competitor to the race of the best treadmill in India for home use.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 2 HP
  • Speed-1-14 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 47 kg
  • Max User Weight-110 kg
  • Warranty- Lifetime frame warranty; 1-year warranty on product & motor

Product Features

  • Hydraulic System

The treadmill has a soft drop mechanism, which absorbs shocks effectively. Thus you can have a safe & hassle-free running experience with this product. To be honest, this is the latest safety mechanism in treadmills available to date. You may find this technique in the best treadmill in India for home use.

  • Adjustable Incline

Maxpro PTM405 has three manual levels to adjust incline between different types of exercise. Owing to these three settings, you can burn more calories and have a more intense workout on the treadmill.

  • Key features

Features like USB input attracts youth in doing the workout. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite track while building some muscles. Moreover, you can measure your pulse rate, distance, speed, timing, etc on the blue LCD display. Apart from these features, the treadmill frame also has a mobile & tablet holder with a video calling facility. What else we can ask from the best treadmill in India for home use.

The Good

  • The treadmill has a bottle holder for your favorite drink
  • There is a pulse rate button in its handrail.
  • The steel frame makes this product hardy
  • Efficient transporting wheels make the mobility of the product easier.
  • With a maximum weight capacity of 110 kg, the treadmill is suitable for overweight people

The Bad

  • Other treadmills offer more warranty periods on motors.

9. Durafit Spark 1.25 HP (Peak 2.5 HP) DC Motorized Treadmill

If you want to buy an efficient & stylish treadmill for your home, then Durafit Spark is your good-to-go option. Although the treadmill belongs to an affordable budget range, the product is filled with useful features, making it the best treadmill in India for home use. With a 1.25 HP motor, Durafit Spark has earned a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 for its performance.

Unlike some other brands, Durafit has a target consumer base for its treadmill. For example, the Durafit Spark treadmill is great for diabetic patients. Retirees, sprinters, as well as regular users, also can use this product. The vast & dynamic consumer base makes it the best treadmill in India for home use.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 1.25 HP
  • Speed- 1-12 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 32 kg
  • Max User Weight- 95 kg
  • Warranty- 3 years in the motor; 5 years on frame; 1 year on parts

Product Features

  • Weight Endurance

To make the treadmill highly capable to endure heavyweight, the brand offers 95 kg weight endurance if you are walking. However, for running sessions, a 65 kg weight is acceptable to this product.

  • Durable & noiseless motor

It does not make sense if your workout session becomes painful to other people’s ears. That’s why Durafot has used a noiseless motor in this Spark treadmill. The 1.25 HP motor is developed with copper mesh technology, which makes it a powerful performer. In a contrast to its performance, the motor makes very little noise. Thus, it becomes the best treadmill in India for home use.

  • Feather lightweight & portability

The treadmill is very lightweight, which makes it easy to move around. Moreover, its Ezee manual fold system allows it to pack in a small space by folding & unfolding without using manual power. Also, it does not occupy much space to store it. How amazing that is!

The Good

  • It is very sturdy & safe than most of the treadmills of its league
  • Durafit Spark has 1150 X 400 mm running space for a comfortable experience
  • It has a heart rate sensor to check the real-time stats of your heart
  • The wide LED display makes monitoring distance, calories burnt, and speed easier.
  • Durafit Spark is very much affordable

The Bad

  • The maximum weight capacity could have been  better

10. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

This is the last product we have chosen for you. PowerMax Fitness TDM series treadmills are famous for their excellent performance & stylish body. Similarly, PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 is another treadmill with some cool mechanisms & features. On the contrary to its low budget, this treadmill has unique qualities to be the best treadmill in India for home use.

The Specs

  • Horsepower- 1.5 HP
  • Speed- 1-10 km/hr
  • Item Weight- 48 kg
  • Max User Weight- 90 KG
  • Warranty- Lifetime frame warranty; 3 years on motor; 1 year on parts & labor

Product Features

  • Energy-saving motor

The 99% copper core motor effectively saves energy consumption. Further to its low power operation, the treadmill does not make much noise. In other words, you can have a peaceful workout session without adding up your energy bill.

  • Foldable with manual lock

To give it a space-saving design, there is a manual lock to fold and unfold the treadmill. In fact, it helps to save so much space that you can store it inside your closet.

  • Independent CPU

The CPU is independent with moisture-proof, water resistance & dust-proof facility. As a result, it enhances the lifespan of the machine.

The Good

  • It has an auto safety function to ensure user’s protection
  • The running deck is designed to be lower & closer to the surface. Hence, older people feel safer using it.
  • PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 has an anti-skid running belt
  • There is a 5.5″ LED display to monitor stats.
  • The product is affordable

The Bad

  • Nothing in particular

Best Treadmill In India – FAQ

Is walking faster with no incline better than slower with a steeper incline?

Doing both beings baked fitness. Slower but uphill walking builds core strength. However, faster flat running brings stamina & increases endurance. It entirely depends on you what you choose.

Are folding treadmills sturdy?

Folding treadmills are sturdy. As they are specifically designed for homes, they have given a foldable design. Thus it does not occupy more space.

Are calorie counts on treadmills accurate?

As revealed by some data, calorie counts on treadmills are more than 15% bigger in figure than actually burn calories. That’s why you should not take the figure as final. In fact, you can take it as a guideline about your burnt calories.

Is running on a treadmill easier than running outside?

It is easier running on treadmills than on the ground. Because the surface moves automatically, so you don’t feel any resistance between your feet & track.

Can adjusting running in treadmills take time?

Yes, it can take some time to adjust with monotonous speed under your feet. Though it is absolutely normal, some people find it mentally challenging.

How much time on the treadmill is enough for a day?

It depends on your exercise method. If you love running faster, then a 20-minute session is good.

Best Treadmill In India – Conclusion

We support people who are comfortable with their skin, color, body shape & weight. In particular, there is nothing wrong with being on the overweight side. But, more weight can bring health issues. Also, low in fitness charts people can face hardships doing regular work easily. That’s why we want you to select from these 10 best treadmill in India for home use, and keep your health in check. Be fit & win the busy life.


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