Buying the best mattress in India needs lots of research and hard work. Being India in a temperate weather region, your bedding mattress needs to be much more unique than regular bedding.

Therefore, to help you choose the best mattress in India with no trouble, we have brought the 11 best bedding mattresses available in the market. We have purposefully double checked the quality and features of these mattresses. In terms of quality, lifespan, and cost, these mattresses are inevitable.

Before going through the list of high-quality bedding mattresses, we would like you to look through our bedding mattress buying guide. It will help you analyze bed mattresses much well.

Let’s have a look at the list of the 11 best mattresses in India.

Best Mattress in India

1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8″ Mattress King Bed – 78x72x8 inches

The Sleep company has brought the innovative smart grid mattress for the first time in Asia. They are the pioneer of manufacturing the best mattress in India.


  • It comes in different sizes.
  • Customizable as per customer need
  • The brand provides a trial period of 100 days.
  • The latest smart grid technology is the specialty.
  • Better weight distribution & unhindered balance maintenance

When India is still living in the 70s type of mattress and facing spine problems on an average, this Japanese company has brought the latest technology to change India’s sleeping habit.

They build the smart grid technology to give users relief from back and neck pain. Generally, we face severe back pain and injuries because of lying on an uneven bed mattress. But this smart grid mattress has specifically given high-end balance, maintaining intelligence to adapt according to the body shape.

After years of experiment, the manufacturer has discovered smart sleep Technology. According to this technology, they have used different layers to build this bedding as the best mattress in India. Different layers support the firmness and rebound feature in the mattress.

The manufacturer has used a two-inch layer of high-density support foam below the mattress to make it highly durable. The top quilted viscose cover is super smooth and does not catch heat. You will never feel hot lying on this mattress.

This mattress has 2500 plus air channels to maintain a free airflow inside the mattress. It helps to reduce sweating in high temperatures & humidity.

Because of the smart grid technology he used in this mattress, the mattress feels more firm on your back. It helps to rest our spinal cord on a flat surface. When you lie on your side, the mattress adapts itself according to your body posture to provide utmost comfort to its users.

Another exciting feature of this mattress is the motion isolation. With this feature, the mattress maintains its unshaken balance on the other areas except for the used portion. When you have an enthusiastic person jumping over the bed on a cricket match night, you still can complete your sleep undisturbed.

The smart grid mattresses come in 9 different sizes to support user unique requirements. You also can customize it according to your need.


  • A 10-years warranty is available with the product.
  • High-quality elastic polymer does not let the mattress sink, even after many years.
  • The cotton cover makes it healthy for any age group.
  • The airflow prevents sweating and does not let germs live in the mattress.
  • No more neck & back pain in the morning caused by an uncomfortable mattress.


  • It is quite heavy and needs additional support to move it.
  • It is expensive.

2. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, King Bed Size (78x72x8)

Wakefit is one of the best-selling mattress companies operating in India. Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress is the best mattress in India without any doubt.


  • Available in different sizes.
  • A 10-years long warranty period
  • Memory foam body
  • Great for back & neck pain
  • High-quality fabric
  • Multi-layer to provide firmness & comfort.

If you want to buy a high-quality mattress for your good health within a budget, then a Wake Fit Orthopaedic mattress is only the best choice for you. As it is an Orthopaedic memory foam mattress, the mattress intelligently adapts to any body shape. Then it provides proper support to sleepers’ backbone & neck. This mattress is famous for dispersing the weight of the sleeper. That’s why a sleeper gets uninterrupted sound sleep and wakes up in the morning with a fresh body.

This unique mattress has a differential pressure zone layer. It helps to keep your spine in a straight position and does not get your blood to clot in any part of your body. The innovative technology of this mattress allows it to mold itself according to the sleeper’s body posture.

For the highly humid and temperate zone, people want a mattress to keep them cold while sleeping. In the tropical area, adequate airflow in the product is crucial for no sweating while sleeping experience. This mattress also has smart space along the differential pressure zone layer to provide enough ventilation to keep sleepers cool in a deep sleep.

The building on the mattress is medium-firm. That is why this mattress does not hurt your skin and feels soft for any age group. Wakefit has used high-quality GSM spun knitted fabric to build the cover of this mattress. The material gives luxurious softness to the sleeper.

The Wakefit Orthopaedic foam mattress is the best mattress in India for its top-notch quality. It has a removable zipper on the front cover. As a result, the customer can remove the zipper.  Then you can wash the front cover easily without moving the product an inch. Cleaning a mattress has never been easier before.

Weather drastically changes in the temperate region between summer and winter. This mattress has two sides dedicated to each weather season.

The white surface is useful in hot weather. It has many larger cells present.

Similarly, you can use the darker side in winter. It might feel a little warmer than the white surface.


  • The product has a 10-years long warranty period.
  • The breathable fabric makes it more comfortable to use in summer.
  • The product’s weight is approx 12 kg. It makes the mattress easily portable.
  • This product is available in different sizes to satisfy customers’ requirements.


  • It is quite expensive.

3. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, 75x60x6 inches (Queen Size)

 Sleepyhead is famous for delivering the best mattress in India. With the newest technology and innovative experiments, sleepyhead mattresses are way more consumer-friendly than their competitors.


  • You can take the 100 days of trial before making any purchase.
  • 3-different layers of foam
  • A medium-firm product
  • Even distribution of weight

Sleepyhead mattress has become one of the best mattresses in India over the years. Because of several reasons, Indian homemakers prefer this mattress. This Sleepyhead original mattress has three layers of Orthopaedic memory foam. Because of that, it does not become very hard, or neither is it very soft while sleeping. This medium-firm mattress is an ideal choice for maintaining a healthy back and neck.

The Sleepyhead original three-layered Orthopaedic memory foam mattress has different vital pressure points to keep the body in the proper position during long hours of sleep. Also, the breathable fabric on top of the mattress feels super smooth on the skin. Because of these, the consumers find this mattress very comfortable to use.

The Sleepyhead original memory foam mattresses come in different sizes to allow its users to choose the best for them.

They compiled three different layers to provide the required firmness

for the sleeper in the best mattress in India. Below the mattress, there is a layer of support foam. In the middle of the mattress, there is responsive memory foam. It allows the mattress to distribute the body weight evenly along with the whole mattress. Because of this layer, the mattress does not get saggy, and the sleeper does not feel uncomfortable. The top of the mattress has a comfort foam layer. It has multi cells to provide airflow throughout the product. With the right choice of different layers in a single product, the Sleepyhead original three-layered Orthopaedic memory foam mattress can support 90% of all body. After all these conditions, you will feel no compromise in the softness and firmness of different body types.

Another exciting feature of this mattress is the right amount of

bounce provided by the product. If you move vigorously on any side of the product, the other side of the mattress does not feel any movement. It leads your partner to sound sleep, even when you make any movement on the bed. Undisturbed sleep is what a tired person needs after a long working day.

To provide the right amount of firmness and bounce mattress needs to have the right amount of density. With three different foam layers, the Sleepyhead original mattress has the exact density required for a sound sleep.

This Sleepyhead mattress is also easy to clean. As the cover of a sleepyhead mattress is washable, you can maintain your daily hygiene routine with no fail.


  • 10-years of warranty is available.
  • It has washable high-quality fabric to maintain hygiene.
  • It is a budget-friendly product.
  • The product comes in different sizes
  • 100 days of trial is available before making any purchase


  • It is a heavyweight product.

4. Emma Original Mattress | German Engineered | 78×72 King Size | 8 Inch Height | 3 Layered Memory Foam | 100 Nights Trial

Emma is a famous German company that builds exciting mattresses, especially for Indians. Emma Original mattress has become one of the best mattresses in India with German engineered mechanisms.


  • 20 years of warranty on the product
  • German engineered technology to provide the best comfort
  • Heat regulation throughout the mattress
  • A 3-layers of high-end foam
  • Breathable top cover

This product has a unique design for even weight distribution. Moreover, the manufacturer has kept Indians in mind while building this product. Consequently, this product has several features that can support Indians’ requirements for an optimal sleeping experience.

The Emma Original mattress is a German engineered mattress that has breathable fabric over the top of it. It is Europe’s one of the most awarded mattresses in terms of innovation and comfort.

Unlike hard foam used in other mattresses, this German Engineered mattress has innovative Airgocell foam. The Airgocell foam regulates body temperature throughout your sleep. You will never wake up from a deep sleep because of a heating sensation in your skin.

Humans are unique. So are their body shapes and sizes. But Emma’s original mattress is capable of serving equal comfort to any user from any category. This mattress is capable of even distribution of body weight. It relieves the pressure on a specific part of the mattress without disturbing the other end of the mattress. You can have a comfortable relaxation on the mattress even when your kid is playing on the other end.

The Emma mattress comes in 8 different sizes for users to buy. Even after purchasing, if it does not satisfy the user with the product, the manufacturer brand is ready to exchange it for the right size. There is also an option of Return and full refund at zero cost charge. There is no other company as considerate to its consumer as Emma.

This German engineer mattress has three different layers for optimal body adoption throughout the mattress. It has a layer of decompressing breathable Airgocell on the top of the mattress. Below the top layer, there is Viscoelastic Memory Foam And A supportive layer of polyurethane foam. Altogether these layers provide the best comfort in every sleeping position for every body type.

The UltraBase technology of this mattress provides the best support zone alongside the sleeper’s spinal cord. It helps the sleeper to wake up with no back pain and neck pain after a long sleep.


  • 100 days of the trial period to make the user assured about the product
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • A full refund is available at zero cost charge.


  • It is expensive in comparison.
  • The product is heavy.

5. SleepyCat Plus Mattress | 8-inch Mattress Made with 2-inch Premium Gel Memory Foam |Superior Luxurious Comfort and Plush Feeling | Smart Zipper Cover (78x72x8, King Size)

Sleepycat is a high-end mattress manufacturer that operates in India. Indians consider Sleepycat mattresses as the best mattress in India because of their unique features and comfortable experience.


  • Eco-Friendly material
  • Innovative Pressure-relieving technology
  • High-quality premium fabric
  • Heat regulating technology
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Anti-skid base

Let’s talk about the composition of this mattress. That mattress has a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam on the top of the mattress. The primary purpose of this layer is even the distribution of body weight. Also, by regulating the body heat throughout the mattress, this gel foam layer keeps a sleeper cool in long hours of sleep.

Below that, there is a 6-inch high-density foam. That layer provides enough firmness to the body weight. It helps to keep the sleeping position intact. Apart from that, it also makes the mattress durable for extensive use.

To make this mattress eligible for Ultra modern people, the cover of this mattress has a high GSM knitted fabric with a zipper. You can easily remove it and wash it to maintain hygiene. Because of the handcrafted material, the cover provides a luxurious look to the mattress. Consequently, the plush look enhances your home’s aesthetic interior with little effort.

The manufacturer has given a breezy inner cover inside the mattress. This inner cover provides adequate airflow throughout the mattress. The airflow technology keeps the mattress cool in hot weather. It also helps in regulating body heat to keep the sleeper cool and prevents sweating in the sleep.

We understand the kid inside you who loves jumping on the bed. But because of it, most mattresses move from their initial position. The manufacturer also understands that you dislike it. To prevent that, the Sleepycat company has put an anti-skid base under the mattress. This anti-skid base does not let your mattress move from its original position, even when an enthusiast kid jumps over it.

Because of its premium quality material and high-density form, you can enjoy a luxurious sleeping experience in your bed daily.

This mattress is also suitable for light slippers who wake up from deep sleep over a slight movement across the bed. By keeping that in mind, this mattress has a ‘sink-in’ feature. With this feature, the mattress does not transfer any motion on the other side of the bed. It absorbs any movement and provides enough firmness. Now you can have a peaceful sleep. Let your partner watch the world cup match on the best mattress in India.


  • It provides excellent firmness.
  • The latest technology in the building allows you a deep sleep.
  • High-quality Breathable fabric feels smooth on the skin.
  • It is light weighted.
  • The brand provides a 10-year warranty on the product.


  • It is expensive.

6. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft, Queen Bed Size (78x60x5)

Wakefit does not need any introduction. This company is famous for manufacturing top quality mattresses in a budget-friendly expenditure. Indians love to choose Wakefit over any other brand anytime because of its nominal cost and premium quality.


  • Both sides are usable.
  • Medium-firm product
  • A 7-years warranty
  • Breathable fabric
  • Highly comfortable

Wakefit dual comfort mattress has a series of unique features. Because of those Wakefit Dual Comfort mattresses have become the best mattress in India.

The Wakefit dual comfort mattress is a dual side model. Both of the sides are usable. Requiring features of a good mattress change over the seasons. Because of that, this mattress has two sides dedicated to each for hot and cold seasons. One side is a little harder than the other one. It is acceptable for frosty nights as it keeps you warm. The softer side of the mattress is more breathable. So it keeps you cool while sleeping. It is preferable for summer. You can use any of it as per your requirement.

The cover of this Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress does not let liquid pass through it. As a result, there is no chance of forming any mites inside the mattress caused by clogged liquid or other material.

When a quality mattress becomes too heavy, it becomes problematic to handle for a single person. To keep that in mind, WakeFit has made this dual comfort mattress as light as a feather. The 11 kg weight of this product allows it to be easily portable. You also need to move a mattress more frequently for cleaning. This dual comfort mattress will make your work more smooth.

The soft foam of these Wakefit dual comfort mattresses provides enough softness to the skin of the sleeper. This option is helpful in the hot summer. Indian weather sores high in temperature in summer. That is why your mattress should feel soft and cold at the same time for a comfortable sleeping experience.

The breathable fabric of the mattress allows heavy airflow inside the product. It helps to regulate body heat when a sleeper sleeps in the same position for long hours. There you will feel no more sweating in mid-sleep because of the heat sensation on your body. Have your life’s best sleep on the best mattress in India.

The high resilience foam on the bottom of the mattress provides durability to the product.

To make it the best mattress in India, the manufacturer has used high GSM spun polyester fabric for the cover of the mattress. The premium quality material makes this mattress irresistible for its users. You can easily remove the cover of the mattress and wash it. This handy feature makes the mattress more convenient for busy people.


  • It is a budget-friendly product
  • You can use both the sides
  • 7-years of warranty is available.
  • It comes in different sizes for every type of customer.
  • Premium quality fabric makes it healthy.


  • The soft side is softer than expected.

7. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress- Medium Soft & Hard (Orange, 78x36x5)

 SleepX is another known name in manufacturing the top mattresses in India. Bed mattresses from the house of SleepX are unique in features and of top quality.


  • Different sizes availability
  • 3-year warranty period
  • No vibration while turning on the bed
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Better spine cord support for back & neck pain

Humans have a wide range of preference in terms of comfort. That is why, to meet the expectation of different choices, SleepeX has built this mattress with two sides differently. Both of the sides of the mattress are usable and have unique specifications. Also, the two sides fulfill all requirements of the users.

Having multiple layers is a plus point of this mattress. The top & bottom layers of the mattress have quilting fabric. The high-quality material on the top & bottom makes the mattress a dependable product with breathable cells & firmness.

The second layer of high resilience medium-soft foam helps to redistribute the body weight throughout the mattress. This side feels softer than the other side. As a result, you can use it on summer days for a more comfortable user experience.

The below layer has a high-density hard foam to give the mattress firmness and durability. That side also provides enough Spine alignment and back support. This side will help you relieve your back & neck pain.

The temperate weather is getting more humid and hot over the years. People face trouble sleeping peacefully. Waking up sweating from a deep sleep because of a hot, uncomfortable bed is an average incident. To erase that pain SleepX has used air mesh fabric in this mattress. This premium quality air mesh fabric provides better breathability. the mattress will easily regulate your body heat and let your skin breathe while sleeping. You will find the required coldness in your bed on a hot summer night with this mattress.

Another best part about this mattress is that it comes in a pre-assembled state. You can unwrap it and place it on the bed. After that, you are good to go. It does not need any installation. Is there any other proof you need to consider it as the best mattress in India?


  • The product is not heavy at all. It only weighs a little over 12 KG.
  • The brand provides a 3-year warranty on the product.
  • You can choose from the four different sizes.
  • Both sides of the mattress are very much capable of satisfying any sleeper with individual preferences.
  • Neem Fresh technology provides freshness even after repeated use.
  • It is a budget-friendly option.


  • If you use the softer side much, it will get more quickly.

8. Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress, 78x72x8 inches (King Size)

Sleepyhead is one of the best mattress brands in India.

The brand uses PCM cooling technology to build world-class quality mattresses. Because of its latest technology and innovations, Sleepyhead has become a household name for Indians.


  • Medium-firm product
  • 10-years warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Different size & thickness are available to suit every customer
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • The latest PCM technology
  • It comes in a pre-assembled form
  • Efficient heat absorber & redistribute

The Sleepyhead company has gone through many experiments to bring the best mattress in India. The latest PCM Technology transforms ordinary mattresses into a piece of irresistible Intelligence. It helps the mattress to understand the user’s body like never.

The smartest feature of this sleepyhead mattress is its three zones of Orthopaedic support. The mattress has different pressure points across the foam. Each of the pressure points works individually and helps to maintain a steady balance alongside the spinal cord.

To make this mattress suitable for every body type, the manufacturer has used multilayer to achieve the result.

The top layer of the mattress has thick cooling foam. This layer helps to absorb and redistribute the body heat of the sleeper. By doing that, the mattress maintains the balance of optimal sleep temperature throughout the night. There will be no more sweating while sleeping.

The responsive memory foam inside the mattress provides exact firmness and bounce to the body weight. It helps to maintain sleeping positions intact for a long time. The mattress does not get saggy after using it over the years.

This mattress performs to prevent vibration in the product. When you turn and crawl over the mattress, it does not make any sound. Also, the mattress provides enough bounce. It does not transfer the motion on the other side of the bed. It becomes very much helpful when there are multiple people on the bed.

The breathable fabric used in this mattress provides enough ventilation to maintain the optimal sleep temperature. In summer, it feels colder than other materials. So the sleeper feels more comfortable in this mattress.


  • The product comes in different sizes & thicknesses.
  • The brand has used the Latest PCM technology to provide the utmost comfort.
  • High-quality material makes this mattress more luxurious.
  • Two manufacturers profile 3-years manufacturing warranty on this product.
  • Hundred nights of trial sessions are also available.


  • There is no reversible feature on this product.
  • It is expensive compared to previous products.
  • It is a heavyweight product.

SleepX Ortho mattress – Memory foam (78*72*8 Inches)

The SleepX ortho mattress is another incredible invention from the house of SleepX. The brand continues to maintain its reputation by manufacturing high-quality mattresses over the years.


  • Neem Fresche Technology to keep the mattress healthy
  • High-quality memory foam in quilting
  • Multilayered build-up
  • The extra thickness provides more comfort.
  • Top-quality air mesh fabric.

This SleepX mattress is a top-notch orthopedic multilayered mattress. This mattress can adjust itself to any sleeping position.

It makes this orthopedic mattress the best mattress in India.

There are three different layers of high-quality foam in between the top and bottom layers. The quilting material on the top and bottom layers enhances the performance of the 3-middle layers.

The second layer has a high resilience foam. After that, there is next-generation memory foam. Below that, there is high-density foam in this mattress.

The next-generation memory foam works wonders in the redistribution of body weight along with the mattress. It helps the mattress not to get saggy over repeated usage. The high-density foam provides the firmness and bounces to make this mattress durable in the long run.

The brand has used the Airmesh fabric to build the top of the mattress. This fabric is famous for airflow within the mattress. Ventilation allows reducing the body heat by absorbing and distributing throughout the mattress.

The brand has taken extra care to provide luxurious feelings to the sleeper. SleepX has used memory foam in quilting to serve its users with high-end performance.

The soft knitted premium fabric on top of the mattress gives the mattress a plush feeling to the sleeper. Now sleeping is only just a routine. Sleeping time has become your luxurious relaxation time at home.

SleepX has used top-end engineered Visco Rebonded and Flexi Rebonded at the core of the mattress. It enhances firmness and durability. Pay for once, and enjoy this top class mattress for years.

SleepX is also careful of sleepers’ hygiene. They have put Neem Fresche Technology to maintain the hygiene of the product. Because of this technology, the mattress always feels fresh and healthy after every use.


  • 3-years warranty
  • It comes in different sizes and different thicknesses.
  • That is a pre-assembled product.
  • Premium quality fabric makes it more comfortable.
  • It provides excellent back support to the spinal cord while sleeping.


  • Only one side is usable for sleeping purposes.
  • Because of its heavyweight, it is not easily movable.
  • It is quite costly.

10. Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Double Size Mattress (72x48x6-inch)

WakeUp is another brand that produces the best mattress in India. With their experiments and innovative ideas, wake up mattresses have earned their place in India’s homes.


  • Highly durable
  • Medium-firm
  • Zero motion transfer
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Prophylactic fabric
  • Lightweight

To maintain a healthy life for the mattress, the brand has used neem infused knitted fabric for this mattress. Neem has a high antiseptic nature. Consequently, it keeps the bed mattress away from bacteria and allergic particles.

The WakeUp Orthopaedic memory foam mattress is the best mattress in India for its cool gel memory foam layer inside the bedding. This layer helps to regulate airflow within the bedding. Also, a cool gel memory foam layer does not keep any heat in the bedding. As a result, sleepers find this mattress comfortable even in hot weather.

Partners who share beds and parents with kids need a bedding mattress with zero motion transfer. Motion transfer is a feature that helps the mattress to absorb the energy created by pressure and movement. The high-quality foam inside the mattress completely absorbs any move and does not let the other person know about it. With zero motion transfer, you can have comfortable sleeping even when the other person is making moves.

WakeUp orthopedic foam mattress has high-density foam. As a result, the lifespan of the mattress extends. The fabric of the bed mattress is also highly breathable. It has impressive air cells to keep the sleep temperature nominal.

The best part is that these mattresses are available in different sizes. You can choose the exact ones to save your cost and space at your home. This mattress is a genuine orthopedic mattress that supports the back & neck. You can now reduce your shoulder pain by having a good sleep on this bed.


  • The anti-bacterial property makes this bed irresistible.
  • WakeUp orthopedic foam mattress works excellent in resisting motion transfer.
  • The brand has used advanced sleep technology.
  • It gives 10-years of manufacturing warranty on the product.
  • The product is extremely lightweight.


  • Users find it costly in comparison of features with another bedding mattress.

11. Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5 Inch King Size Coir Mattress

If you want to choose the best mattress in India, then back magic by Duroflex is your ideal choice. National Health Academy of India has certified this mattress for its top-notch quality.


  • Certified by National Health Academy for its orthopedic behavior
  • Firm type of mattress
  • Both sides of the mattress are usable.

The back magic orthopedic mattress from the house of Duroflex has 5 zoned exclusive orthopedic layers to support the sleeper body.

They dedicate zone 1 to the head & neck. Zone 2 provides support for the shoulder & upper back.

The other three zones support the lower back, upper leg & ankle.

This multi-layer mattress has high-quality foam.

The first layer of the mattress has knitted fabric with PU foam quilting. The softness of this layer provides a luxurious feeling to the skin.

The next layer has five exclusive Orthopaedic support zones. The human body needs different firmness & support in selective body parts. Thus, each zone provides support and balance for the sleeper’s body.

The brand also has used high resilient foam & rebound foam to give this mattress long durability. Traditional coir used in the bed mattress provides air circulation and maintains the bouncy feel.


  • The mattress belongs to a high firmness scale.
  • The only mattress in India got certified by Nation Health Academy.
  • The mattress naturally cools down itself.
  • Excellent to relieve body pain
  • It is a reversible model.


  • No trial period is available.
  • It is an expensive product.
  • The product is heavy.
  • The brand does not offer customization to the standard size.

So these are the editor picks for the best sleeping experience. Having the best mattress in India will surely help you relieve your stress and body pain in no time. We hope your mornings to be fresh & healthy.

Bed Mattress Buying Guide

Before choosing the best mattress in India, you need to understand the various critical aspects of a comfortable bedding mattress. It will help you select the best for your health.

Indians have different preferences, and their needs also vary from person to person. That is why have a careful read of our bed mattress buying guide. It will surely help you know every little yet important thing about a quality bedding mattress.

Type of sleeper:

People love different sleeping positions. Choosing the best mattress in India depends on your sleeping position. Here we have noted what type of bedding mattress you should choose to accord to your sleeping style.

Side sleeper

  • Side sleepers put lots of pressure on the mattress by the shoulder and hip. Therefore, they need a soft bed not to hurt their joints. A 4-6/10 firmness in the mattress will be great for them.

Back sleeper

  • A black sleeper needs a medium-firm mattress. If the mattress is too firm, it will hurt your back. Similarly, a too-soft mattress will sink on the hip position of the body. Therefore, the firm scale should be between 5.5-7/10 for the ideal mattress of a back sleeper.

Stomach sleeper

  • A mattress that keeps the hips on a firm surface is the best for a stomach sleeper. An Advanced foam mattress will be the best for these sleepers. It will support the heavyweight parts of the body and still feel soft on the skin.

For pregnancy period

  • For pregnancy periods, women choose to sleep on their left side as it helps in blood circulation. Having too hard surfaces can cause their body aches. It also can become uncomfortable for the child. A memory foam mattress is the best choice for pregnant ladies.

Types of mattresses:

There are a few types of mattresses you find in the market. Each one of them has some exclusive features which make them the best mattress in India.

Read through the list and learn more about the bed mattresses and their uniqueness.

Coir Mattress

You can find coir mattresses only in India. Made from natural coconut fiber with a soft layer of foam on top of it makes a firm yet soft bedding mattress. It is a traditional Indian mattress. As the primary material of this mattress is coconut fiber, it also contributes to recycling natural wastage. Using this model of the bed mattress is a healthy choice because of its antibacterial property.


  • Natural, chemical-free, eco friendly
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Efficient in absorbing body moisture & sweat
  • Good for hot weather


  • It is less durable than another mattress.
  • It gets saggy over the years.
  • It is less prone to weight distribution.

Spring Mattress

The spring bed mattress has metal springs inside the bed. Manufacturers use much smaller Spring in a mattress to provide a bounce. The springs are also great in absorbing the pressure of the bed. People also call it a coil mattress.


  • It is a budget-friendly choice.
  • For healthy people, metal springs provide firmness and support to their back.
  • It efficiently bounced back because of springs.


  • It makes noise when the springs get rusty.
  • It does not have a motion to transfer feature. Sharing a spring mattress with another person can be troublesome.
  • Durability is less because of its mechanical structure.
  • If the surface deteriorates, those springs can also hurt its sleepers.

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are in the Modern Choice of bedding mattresses. It has foam inside the bedding. Multi-layers of foam trap air bubbles between them. Thus it provides that bouncy effect while lying on it. A foam mattress perfectly combines firmness and bounce in a single bed. It is suitable for the back and also feels smooth on the skin.


  • The durability of these mattresses is high.
  • Foam mattress highly resists motion transfer.
  • It is not expensive
  • The foam keeps heat in the bedding. For winter, this type of bed mattress is suitable.
  • This mattress is a superb choice for good health.


  • The foam mattress is not an excellent choice for healthy people.
  • The foam gets saggy under more pressure.
  • It is not suitable for summer.
  • It does not absorb moisture. So people sweat more on this type of bed.

Memory Foam Mattress

Most of the modern generation bedding mattress is a memory foam mattress. Rather than using ordinary foam, manufacturers use high-quality memory foam to build this kind of bed. This type of mattress associates itself with the body posture and body shape of the sleeper. The viscoelastic foam made from polyurethane is famous for its aligned support to the sleeper’s spinal cord.

It has open cells inside the bedding for Air ventilation. Thus this mattress keeps itself cool, even under hot weather. As a result, people can have perspiration free sleep on this mattress.


  • It is suitable for all body types.
  • Motion transfer is negligible in this kind of mattress.
  • A memory foam mattress is also a noiseless mattress suitable for young couples and parents with kids.
  • The durability of a memory foam mattress is high.
  • This type of mattress is also highly resistant to dust and pollution particles.


  • It can be expensive
  • Sometimes it is too soft to have a comfortable sleep.
  • It does not absorb body heat much.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is a combination of latex foam and Springs. Manufacturers use natural latex and synthetic latex to build latex mattresses.

A bedding mattress that has natural latex is super spongy. But a synthetic latex mattress is more like a memory foam mattress. It is less bouncy. A latex mattress can go back to its original shape as soon as the bodyweight relieves it.


  • Bounce is a plus point of this mattress.
  • Great for back pain sufferers.
  • It has better pressure points than other mattresses.
  • Natural latex is an eco-friendly choice.
  • It does not keep heat. So users find comfort in it in hot weather.
  • Latex mattresses are highly durable.
  • This mattress has anti-allergic properties.


  • It is expensive
  • Latex mattresses have more motion transfer compared to a memory foam mattress.

Rebonded Foam Mattress

In simple language, a rebonded foam bed mattress has a combination of different foam. Manufacturers use shredded foams of different types to build this mattress. A spring mattress without coils is also a rebonded foam mattress. As this mattress is a product from scratch, people can easily afford this mattress. But there is no need to worry about quality. This mattress is not a recycled product from an old mattress. The re-bonded bed mattress has high quality shredded foam, mainly PU foam, bonded by pressure to provide support and firmness to every body type.


  • Quality back support is the best feature of this mattress.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • This type of mattress does not make noise as it does not have a spring.
  • It is an eco-friendly choice. Using shredded foam helps to reduce factory waste.
  • Rebonded foam mattresses are excellent in erasing shoulder pain.


  • The glue used in this mattress can be inflammable.

Airbed Mattress

Air bed mattresses are an inflatable bed filled with air pockets. Manufacturers make the bed surface from polyvinyl chloride. The firmness depends on the amount of air followed in the bag. Rather than using it as a regular mattress, people choose it as an extra mattress whenever needed. Users can fill this airbag themselves.


  • You can easily defeat it and store it. It does not take up more place than a rucksack.
  • Portability is one of the key-points of this mattress.
  • Users can control the firmness of this air bedding mattress by themselves. Maintaining firmness is not an option for other bed mattresses.
  • It does not get saggy.
  • The PVC bag protects this mattress from deterioration.


  • We do not recommend air bedding mattress for regular usage.
  • Airbed mattress does not provide the required support alongside the spinal cord and neck.
  • An air bed mattress does not absorb sweat and body heat.
  • In hot weather, this mattress feels uncomfortable to the skin.


Size is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we plan to buy a bedding mattress. There are a variety of sizes of bedding mattresses available in the market. Consumers can choose to accord with their needs. In the first place, you may not give many thoughts before selecting a size. But by choosing an ideal size mattress, you can save your extra consumption and feel cozy at the same time. Here is the list of different sizes on the bed mattress.

Bed SizeMattress DimensionRoom MeasurementRoom TypeSuitable Sleepers



72″ X 36″At least 10 feet by 7 feet



Children roomTeen and children



Not suitable for adults

Twin XL




72″ X 42″At least 10.5 feet by 8.5 feetHostels, dormitoriesSingle adults, students, professionals who loves working on bed
Queen size



72″ X 60″At Least 10 feet by 10 feetMaster bedroom, guest roomTall single adults, young couples
Queen XL



72″ X 66″More than 10 feet by 10 feetStudio apartments, master bedroomMultiple adults can accommodate, young couple with kid



King size




72″ X 72″At Least 11 feet by 11 feetBigger apartments, master bedroomCouples who have different preference for comfort & sleep
King XL72″ X 78″More than 11 feet by 11 feetMaster bedroomCouples, tall grown ups, parents with growing up kids



You can split the mattress for individual comfort



Custom size

  • Above Sizes are standard size in bedding mattresses. Apart from these sizes, you also can have a customized bedding mattress. Most of the famous manufacturing brands offer customized sizes in bidding mattresses to serve their customers better.

Some Other Crucial Points To Check:


For comfortable sleeping, you need a thick mattress. The thickness of the bed mattresses gives an impactful luxury feeling while sleeping over it. Before buying a new mattress, one should consider thickness carefully.

There are many kinds of thick mattresses in the market. A thick mattress can lead to back pain and neck pain. Also, if the mattress is too thin, it will feel harsh lying over it. You will not get that extra comfort from two thin bed mattresses.

Also, consider the fact that the thickness of the mattress influences the height of your bed. If the bed is for an older person or a kid, then the bed should not be much high on the floor.


2-5 inchesthin
5-8 inchesslim
8-12 inchesstandard
12-16 inchesthick
Over 16 inchesextra thick
  • Specialists suggest using a 5 to 12 inches mattress for daily use. This thickness leads to comfortable sleep & good health.


You might miss checking the breathability feature in your bed before. The breathability of a mattress enhances the overall performance of the product. More breathability of a mattress shows the amount of airflow within the bed mattress.

In a highly humid area, a person almost sweats a cup of water every night while sleeping. That moisture needs to transport on the other side of the mattress and release into the atmosphere. It helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for a good sleep. If the moisture gets locked in the bed mattress, it will not absorb our body heat. As a result, you might feel a tingly heat sensation on the side of your body attached to the bed mattress. It can disturb your sleep.

A highly breathable mattress has adequate airflow. The feature helps to evaporate the moisture from our bodies. It also absorbs our body heat. Consequently, we feel cool while lying on the bed. It helps our body to relax in a genuine sense.


A highly durable mattress means that a mattress will not sink even after a long time of usage. Practically, every mattress gets saggy after a point in time. We will only call a bed mattress durable if it lasts long without deterioration.

If a mattress gets softer after regular use, then it harms your comfort level. Excessive softness leads to early sagging of the bed.

The manufacturer provides a 7 to 10 years warranty on standard mattresses approximately. The warranty period message does not show the durability period of the mattress. The materials of the bed mattress influence the durability of the product. Moreover, some unique features like breathability, the reversible feature can provide a long life span to the product.

Most of the best mattresses perform satisfyingly for about 5-years.


Long story short, if your mattress makes an unnecessary noise while turning, it is a bad bed mattress. There are a few reasons a mattress makes noise. If it is an old model and has already deteriorated, then your mattress is prone to make noise. You need to change your bed to a new one. Some mattresses have springs inside them. This type of mattress also can make noise when the innerspring gets rusty.

To prevent it from happening, choose a foam-type mattress. If your bedding mattress is a medium-firm foam type mattress, then you probably do not face noise issues in the entire lifespan of the product.

Hybrid mattressMemory foam mattressLatex mattress
It has both innerspring and memory foamMade of advanced memory foamMade of natural & synthetic latex
●     Mostly silent because of memory foam.



●     But it can squeak when the springs get old.

●     The memory foam mattress is quite a type of bed mattress.



●     It even absorbs the noise produced within the product under compression.


●     If you find any noise coming out of it, ask your brand for low-quality assembly or defects on the product.

●     It is also a zero noise product, like a memory foam mattress.



●     A latex mattress is silent under all conditions if they do not break it.


Motion isolation:

Motion isolation is a must-have feature of the best mattress in India. It can be beneficial for those people who share their bed with another person or their furry friends. When different people use a single bed together, it is only fair having moved across the bed. But it should not be an obstacle to your sleep. With motion isolation, the mattress absorbs movement & compression within itself.

  • Memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress has excellent energy-absorbing particles and performs excellently in absorbing movement. It directly relates the motion isolation property to the thickness of the memory foam mattress. A thicker mattress is more excellent in absorbing motion than a slim memory foam mattress.

  • Memory foam hybrid mattress

We already have mentioned that a hybrid mattress has innerspring and memory foam in it. The memory foam in the mattress prevents the movements from spreading across the bed. It also absorbs a higher percentage of the motions within the mattress. The manufacturer also uses high quality innerspring to provide nominal motion transfer.

  • Latex mattress

Motion isolation varies on different latex mattresses. A Dunlop processed latex mattress has a better motion isolation property than a Talalay processed latex mattress.


The weight of the mattress plays a huge role in the mattress’s quality. Consider the weight when you have to move the bedding or to clean it.

The weight Of the mattress depends on two factors. The size of the mattress influences the weight. It needs no explanation that a king-size bed mattress will be heavier than a single big mattress. Also, the type of material used in the building has a tremendous impact on its weight. A hybrid mattress has both memory foam and innerspring that has more weight than a memory foam mattress.

Supportive system:

A quality mattress supports the sleeper’s back, ailing the spine and the pelvis. Over time, all the mattresses will sink. But the hardness & evenness of the surface can delay sagging of the product because of heavier body parts. A more soft bed mattress will sink in faster than a medium-firm and firm mattress. Spring mattresses and airbed mattresses have the best support system for the longest time.

 Reinforced edges:

The deterioration of the mattress starts from the ages. People generally sit on the edges while getting out of bed or into bed. It is a natural process. Choose a mattress that will take a long period before deteriorating. Select a mattress that has reinforced edges. Coir mattress provides a high density on the edges. But latex mattresses do not offer edge support.

So these are the most important features you may find in the best mattress in India. Choose carefully. Your good health is your treasure.


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