In this article, we have mentioned the five best water geyser brands in India in 2021. This list has been crafted by analyzing each brand’s special factors and its consumer’s experiences.

As water geysers are a common household item these days, choosing the best brand is crucial for a smoother life.

Let’s go through the five best water geyser brands in India and their deciding factors one by one.

5 Best Geyser Brands In India

AO Smith Geysers

There is no doubt that AO Smith is an unparalleled producer and seller of water geysers in India. It is a USA-based brand. Also, AO Smith is the largest hub of producing water products. Moreover, the longest operating brand with 140+ years running history in the market is also AO Smith. The brand sells quality products within a fair budget.

AO Smith offers a digital panel to monitor the heater in operation. Even, the safety valve against unwanted accidents is also very efficient in these water geysers. Strong water pressure resistance is the brand’s other exclusive feature. A study shows, in the USA, a consumer only needs the replacement of AO Smith water geyser parts after using it for about 30 years. In addition to that, the brand also offers a long warranty period for its products. The warranty period is for nearly 12 years.

Moreover, AO Smith has launched the Blue Diamond glass coating technique. It protects the water geyser against corrosion from certain water types found in this tropical country. It efficiently shows the brand’s consciousness towards its consumers. That’s why bringing an AO Smith water geyser is always a great decision.

Bajaj Geysers

Bajaj is one of the most common names in the electronics & home appliance market in India. This Indian brand produces energy-efficient and smart water geysers. They have been selling these products across India for years now.

Bajaj electronics produces different types of water geysers. You can find a water geyser for your bachelor home as well as for your full family under the same brand value. However, Bajaj is one of the earliest brands to bring the instant water geyser concept to market.

Bajaj water geysers have adjustable thermostats to control water temperature. Also, their plastic body remains unaltered against humid weather. Those aesthetic floral designs in the body deserve special mention. No wonder, consumers find their products suitable for their homes.

Racold Geysers

Racold is another must-have name in the list of the 5 best water geyser brands in India. Indian consumers have shown love for this brand for the last 17+ years.

People mainly choose Racold products as they can heat water very fast. The efficient water heating element is the plus point of this geyser. With safety precautions, the brand takes special care to build an award-winning outlook for its water heater. Those sleek models grab customers’ hearts. Especially for those who want an efficient and beautiful product for their beautiful home.

Racold wants to live with the time. That’s why the brand offers operation through smartphones feature for its water geysers. This feature gives the brand a sure upper hand to increase its consumer base.

Havells Geysers

Almost every Indian home owns a Havells product, such as TV, washing machine, water geyser, etc. That’s why, in the top 5 water geyser brands list, Havells is a definite name.

The popularity of Havells water geysers relies on different factors. For Havells, it is their advanced technology and smart design. Most of the water geysers have beautiful LED lights. Those lights make monitoring of the product easy.

Havells has brought a digital revolution in making their products. The latest models of water heaters have wifi connectivity. It makes a water geyser a smart device at home.

 In addition to its water pressure resistance, Havells water heaters can save up to 20% energy in operation. Thus, this brand becomes very economical to its consumers.

Venus Geysers

Venus has won the best geyser brand award in India. The award tells the story of the brand’s quality and efficiency.

Indians are devoted to this consumer-friendly brand. Because the brand sells budget-friendly products with premium features. Among various other brands’ instant geysers, Venus is the king in the field.

The brand offers different water storage capacities in its water heaters. Thus, every consumer can find their best buy. As they don’t need to spend more money by buying a bigger size than needed. The safety valves in those geysers are the best among its competitors.  The water geyser can also adhere to high water pressure without failing its internal units.

Venus uses ABS plastic to build a water geyser body. This premium quality plastic is famous for anti-corrosion elements.

Even the heating elements are made of stainless steel. Those are equally strong and rustproof in their water geysers. Thus you can be assured about the long life span and top quality of Venus water geysers.

These are the five best water geyser brands in India. Each one of them builds products with innovative technology and a strong body. You can choose any of these brands with assured quality. They offer a longer warranty period for a hassle-free user experience.


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