If you want to buy the best AC in India, you need to take more precautions before choosing the best AC for you. The Indian weather condition has changed over the past few years because of pollution and global warming.

Air conditioners have become hot buy in summer. Before bringing any model home, you need to do market research to choose the best air conditioner for your hard-earned money.

We understand you might not have enough time for that. That is why we have chosen the 11 best air conditioners available in India in many budgets and specifications.

For understanding the technical features behind the best air conditioner, please go through our AC Buying Guide. We hope that it will help you to choose the best AC for home.

Let us have a look at those. You can carefully choose among these 11 for having a quality and reassuring product.

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Best Air Conditioner in India

1. LG 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC – Copper, LS-Q12 ANZA

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LG has been a popular name in the Indian electronics market. LG has its roots in South Korea. Though it is a foreign brand, LG has a deep understanding of the Indian market and its requirements. This understanding clearly shows in their products. LG produces the best AC in India. They have brought Himalayan cooling technology to beat humidity in Indian weather. Their products are stylish and reliable. It is the reason the products are so popular among Indians.

Exciting features:

  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • 4-in-1 convertible cooling technology
  • Dual inverter with Ocean Black Fin
  • R32 refrigerant
  • 100% copper with anti-corrosive Ocean Black Protection
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • Ten years each on the compressor and gas charger

The LG air conditioner comes with the newest Technology of Himalayan cooling. With this technology cooling down your room is not time-consuming. As soon as you switch on the air conditioner within a few seconds, you can feel the fresh weather calming down your body.

You can not harm the environment to make your living better. That is why you should bring this R32 refrigerant enabled LG air conditioner. The R32 refrigerant lowers the chances of global warming efficiently. Now you do not need to compromise between your comfortable living and our precious earth.

In the regions where smoke and dust are highly present in the air, thus you need better protection for your AC to give it a long life shelf. That is why LG has brought Ocean black protection Technology to protect its ACs from sand, soil, and industrial pollutants.

Another plus point of this LG dual inverter AC is its Ocean black Fin Technology. It is unbeatable in protecting indoor and outdoor units of the AC. It not only saves the AC from dust, smoke, and Chemical particles but also it makes the AC much cost-saving unit with faster cooling efficiency.

The LG AC has a dual inverter processor. With a dual inverter processor, the cooling range of this AC becomes broader than the other conventional compressor suited ACs.

High demand in power consumption can bring fluctuation in voltage. The voltage fluctuation can harm the AC’s indoor units. That is why LG has brought stabilizer free operation to ensure the safety of the AC. In between the power fluctuation of 120V-290V, you don’t need any stabilizer to operate the AC. No doubt that this is the best 1 ton split AC.


  • No ozone gas depletion
  • 100% copper made
  • Auto clean feature
  • A double filtration system provides pure air in your home
  • 4-in-1 cooling technology converter
  • Highly power-saving mode
  • Makes no noise


  • The installation charge is additional.

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2. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC – Copper, KS-Q18 NZD

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LG is a loyal air conditioner brand. They have put much effort into producing quality products. They also hire professionals for installation. Overall, you might not find any reason not to choose this brand. Having its roots as far as South Korea, LG is a brand serving in the Indian market for a very long time. They have carefully built their ACs for humid free pollutant-free air circulation. The air conditioners not only cool down but also take extra care of consumer’s health by providing fresh air.

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC
  • 5-ton capacity
  • Dual Inverter compressor
  • 100% copper with Ocean Black Protection
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • Ten years on the compressor with gas charging

The LG inverter AC 1.5 ton is compatible with cooling down your home, even at extreme temperatures. Imagine that you are living in a region where the temperature sores higher. Then you will need a more efficient air conditioner like this LG model other than the usual one. The dual cool inverter enables the AC to cool down your home even at 52-degree temperature.

The tropical region is already highly humid. If you are from this region, you need an AC that has dehumidification technology. It will help your home to feel less humid than outside. That is why this AC is helpful for people who get into trouble breathing in the monsoon season.

The LG inverter AC 1.5 ton has an active energy controller. You can easily control power consumption. The Active energy control feature helps you to reduce 40% to 80% power consumption. On the other hand, you can save up to 57% of energy. It not only saves you money but also you can actively contribute to controlling air pollution.

To give the LG dual inverter AC a longer life, the LG company builds the AC condenser with gold fin Technology. Consequently, this technology protects the condenser from acids, different kinds of salt, and water. Also, the golden hydrophilic coating to the condenser coils is non-toxic and a hundred percent environment-friendly.

If you need to wait for your room to cool down upon reaching home, it can ruin your mood instantly. To provide the customer with a satisfied User experience, LG has built this AC with dual-cool technology.

As a result, dual-cool technology is efficient in cooling down your home faster than ever. After a long tiring day, you can enjoy refreshing cold air in no time.

AC has a smart diagnosis program. It frequently checks upon itself and sends any troubleshoot problems directly to your smartphone. That is why it becomes convenient for busy people.

It also has a four-way air swing function to cool down each corner of the room. There is no better position on the sofa to experience the cold air while watching your favorite program on tv. This is the best 1.5 ton split AC available in Indian market.


  • Very helpful to save energy consumption.
  • Easy cooling method.


  • A bit costly
  • Makes noise

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3. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC – Copper, LS-Q18YNZA

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LG fills its AC with new technology for making it a smart choice. Study shows that LG AC components are much more durable than other products. LG beats its competitors by a margin of 50% to 90% in the category of ACs parts durability.

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

The AC of this brand also has auto cleaning technology. This program makes the user’s lives more comfortable than ever. Now you can enjoy refreshing air with no labor.

Exciting features:

  • Inverter Split AC
  • 5 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • 4-in-1 dual convertible cooling
  • Dual inverter with Ocean Black Fin
  • R32 refrigerant
  • 100% copper with anti-corrosive Ocean Black Protection
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • Ten years each on the compressor and gas charger

If the question is which split AC is best in India 1.5 ton, then this dual inverter AC will give a tough fight to its competitors.

This LG 1.5 ton split AC model has an inbuilt EZ clean filter. Apart from this EZ clean filter, this AC also has an HD clean filter. The clean filter is efficient to clean without supervision.

On the other hand, the HD clean filter protects the indoor and outdoor units of the AC from pollen, dust, sand, bacteria, mites, and other harmful pollutants. To provide the utmost safety for consumer’s health, the dual filter technology of this model is efficient to detect and prevent 10 µm size particles.

The LG ACs can work on a broader voltage range of 120V to 290V. In this range, you do not need a stabilizer for AC to operate smoothly.

This model of LG split AC series has a dual inverter compressor. When AC works at full capacity, the twin Rotary motor rotates with a phase difference of 180 degrees. Consequently, it provides more stability than an ordinary AC inverter. Moreover, the dual inverter AC helps to cool down faster and saves more energy.

The hi-grooved copper in copper pipe enables better heat exchange than the smooth copper pipe. As a result, we get better & faster cooling from a hi-grooved copper pipe. This makes the model one of the best inverter AC 1.5 ton.

The anti-corrosive ocean black protection provides the AC unbeatable durability. The coating over the evaporator coil and heat exchanger makes the AC much more durable than other ordinary protection features.


  • Ocean blackfin technology
  • Monsoon weather comforter
  • Smart cooling
  • Wirefree stabilizer


  • It is a bit costly.
  • The installation charge comes separately.

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4. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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Who wants a sleek design and top quality in the AC can choose Carrier in other brands. People trust Carrier ACs because they are outstanding performers. The ACs are hardy and smart in terms of features. The indoor AC units of Carrier have significantly low noise. You can enjoy your movie peacefully in your home. The parts of Carrier AC 1.5 ton gets manufactured in India. It tests the products under strict parameters to sustain in hot & humid Indian weather.


Exciting features:

  • Split AC
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 5-star energy saving
  • The condenser coil of copper made
  • Smart refrigerant leakage detector.
  • One-year warranty on product and condenser
  • 10-years warranty on the compressor

Carrier has built the new ACs for extreme weather. They build the best air conditioner in India.

They have used hybrid jet cooling technology in their inverter. This technology makes the AC one of the best air conditioners available in the market.

By using air and low refrigerant, hybrid jet technology cools down the outdoor unit of the AC efficiently. As a result, it enhances the performance of the product.

On the other hand, the Flexi cool hybrid jet technology allows you to control your AC with 4-different options. You can set the AC at either free-running speed or a hundred percent capacity. If you want moderate warmth, you can set it at 75%, or you can use the comfortable 50% as per your preference. It allows you to save energy consumption of the AC and cut down your electricity bill.

Carrier has made air conditioners a smart one for smart homes. Air conditioners of this range are Wi-Fi enabled, and you can control these products with your voice.

Carrier AC remote has an inbuilt Follow Me feature. When you use the remote control, the Follow me feature gets activated automatically. Then the AC adjusts itself to the surrounding temperature.

The sleep mode technology of this AC gives you 8 hours of sound sleep. Carrier AC 1.5 ton increases its temperature for the first two hours by a margin of 1°C and then becomes steady for the next 6 hours. Finally, put itself in sleep mode. Now you do not need to wake up in mid-sleep to turn off the AC because of the chilly temperature in your room.

To ensure the user’s safety, Carrier has put a refrigerant leakage detector in these ACs. It can detect any leakage of harmful chemicals and put the AC on sleep mode. It reduces any chance of your family to get hurt from chemical leakage. It also shows an error pop up in the indoor unit to alert the surrounding people.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can cool down home on a higher temperature environment up to 55°C
  • R32 refrigerant ensures environmental safety
  • Does not need a stabilizer


  • You will need to buy an adequate copper pipe separately.
  • You need to pay by yourself for installation.

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5. Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC

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Daikin comes among those brands that are booming in the Indian market. Over a growth rate of 20% to 22%, Daikin has earned the Indian market’s respect for its top-notch quality products. The air purification system in Daikin split AC is arguably the best among its competitors. It brings an enormous advantage to the brand’s reputation. With exceptional cooling technology, Daikin is an all-rounder in the air conditioner market.

Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC
  • Compressor is non-inverter
  • 8-ton capacity
  • 3-star energy savings
  • Copper condenser coil
  • Low noise
  • 1-year warranty on product & condenser
  • 5-years warranty on compressor

Years old AC can be a backdrop of your newly painted home. That is why Daikin uses highly impactful polystyrene material to build IDUs. This material helps to keep the look of your AC as fresh as new for years.

The Daikin AC 1.5 ton has a brilliant feature of Coanda airflow technology. This Coanda airflow effect can circulate air to every corner of the room. By circulating air upwards up to the ceiling, Daikin AC provides a better cooling facility than its market competitors. The Coanda effect also prevents the air from getting absorbed by the furniture.

It helps the airflow only get reflected by the ceiling and the wall. This feature makes Daikin inverter AC 1.5 ton as the best AC in India.

We know that after a tiring day at work, putting effort into your air conditioner to get maximum speed is a headache. That is why Daikin has built its air conditioners with a power chill operation technique. This technique allows you to control your AC with a single touch on the Daikin AC remote.

You can now put your AC at maximum speed or a comfortable speed with no obstacle.

The world has become digital and wire-free. Similarly, modern air conditioners are now also wire-free. Daikin has made its air conditioners for the next generation with stabilizer free control features. You do not need an external stabilizer for 1.5 ton AC.

If you have a shared electrical circuit for your air conditioner and other electrical devices, you might get into trouble with a higher electrical bill. But the AC has Econo mode to lessen your problem. This Econo mode feature helps the product to perform efficiently by limiting the maximum power consumption. As a result, you can cut down an excess burden on your electrical bill.


  • You do not need an external stabilizer to operate the AC.
  • Minimum maintenance cost makes it irresistible.
  • R32 refrigerant eliminates any possibility of ozone depletion.
  • Perfect for the mid-size room
  • A dehumidifier feature is available.


  • Installation is not free.
  • No temperature indicator on the panel

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6. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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Daikin is one of the oldest AC brands operating in the market. Daikin AC is the best air conditioner in India for its faster cooling method. For 90 years, they have produced innovative quality products to remain ahead among their competitors. Daikin split AC is cost-savings. Even their after Sales Service is commendable. Daikin has built the parts of the AC to sustain extreme weather for a period.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Copper condenser coil
  • R32 refrigerant
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • 1-year warranty on the condenser
  • 10-years warranty on the compressor

Daikin AC 1.5 ton effectively cools down an area as large as 130 square feet. If you want to upgrade your smart home with smart AC, then this Daikin AC model is a perfect fit for your home.

The Daikin inverter AC 1.5-ton has an inbuilt stabilizer inside the unit. Daikin has specifically designed this technique to give the users smart control of their product. The inbuilt AC stabilizer can correct electronic voltage fluctuation. As a result, you do not need an external stabilizer to keep the unit safe from energy fluctuation. This feature also ensures that minimum electrical losses occur. It is necessary as people realize insufficient power storage in our generation.

Daikin builds AC with a Neo swing inverter compressor. These compressors are of small size but with a larger capacity. A neo-swing inverter compressor’s size is as big as 8 HP. But it releases the power of 12 HP. In this inverter, they have arranged the copper coil on the coil end in such a way that it does not occupy a large space and reduce the chance of copper loss by a significant margin. As a result, it also eliminates the copper loss tendency.

Daikin uses r32 green refrigerants in their air conditioners. As the r32 is a single component refrigerant, it lowers the chance of refrigerant emission significantly. Being easy to recycle the refrigerant is always a better choice from more green earth.

Having an auto diagnosis feature, getting aware of the uprising problem about the product is now very easy. You can see if any error occurs on the unit in your Daikin AC remote control.


  • No noise pollution
  • Amazing energy savings power
  • Outstanding cooling effect
  • No need to worry about high & low voltage fluctuation


  • You may find it costly.
  • The remote control is the only option to operate the product.

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7. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

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Voltas is a Tata Group subsidiary. Being an Indian company, they have built one of the best ACs for Indian weather. They have understood the requirements of Indian weather. After that, the company has beautifully designed the ACs by keeping those requirements in mind. Voltas air conditioner has the latest technology to serve its customers with a comfortable User experience. You can easily find their service appealing, even if you are a new customer of this brand.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Intelligent sleep mode
  • R-32 refrigerant type
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • 1-year warranty on the condenser
  • Five years warranty on the compressor

The four-way air filter is the highlight of the Voltas 1.5 ton split AC. It is the sole reason why this Voltas split AC is the best air conditioner in India.

It has a Silver-iron filter, Acaro bacterium red filter, Catechin filter, and Anti-dust filter. These filters altogether provide pollution-free air for your loved one’s better health. Especially when you are living of Indian origin, you know how much dust & pollution is in the air that can harm your health. In these cases, these Voltas split AC can be your superb choice to solve this problem.

These Volta’s products can operate between a range of 145 volts and 270 V. this range almost covers the voltage fluctuation of most of the areas in India. Now you do not need to worry about your product safety because of the continuous voltage fluctuation. Moreover, for operating this Voltas inverter AC securely, users do not need any external AC stabilizer. The reason behind it is the low startup voltage of the AC.

If you want to buy a budget-friendly and eco-friendly air conditioner, then this Voltas split AC 1.5 ton is a perfect choice that satisfies all your queries. The R32 refrigerant gas is the sole component of refrigerant in this air conditioner. As it is a single component refrigerant, it lowers the emission of chemicals in the air. Consequently, it reduces the possibility of global warming.

Voltas AC 1.5 ton can reduce power consumption and maintain temperature stability effectively. The AC can meet these expectations without switching on and off the compressor frequently. It becomes possible because of the DC inverter Technology used in this Voltas AC.

The Voltas AC remote has LED display to provide the users more comfort to operate the unit.


  • Dehumidifier-feature is present.
  • Copper condenser coils provide durability.
  • Power savings efficiency while operating at a full capacity
  • LED display
  • It works great even at 52°C temperature.
  • Budget-friendly for a mid-range performer.


  • It is not suitable for a small room.
  • Noise range is higher than its market competitors.

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8. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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Voltas is the first Indian brand that has produced air conditioners. It has gained consumer trust over the years with quality products.

Voltas AC 1.5 ton is mainly famous for its faster cooling technology. The 1.5 ton inverter AC is durable and a great performer. Voltas has earned its much-needed recognition by being a trusted supplier of AC in Burj Khalifa. Is not that amazing? You can also bring the excellent quality products of this famous brand home at a very reasonable price.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 5-star energy savings rating
  • Copper condenser coil
  • R32 refrigerant type
  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • 1-year warranty on condenser
  • 5-years warranty on the compressor

The highlight of this Voltas split AC is its adjustable mode. With this mode, you can switch between its capacity of 1.5 ton to 1 ton and vice versa. Now, you can choose the capacity of this Voltas 1.5 ton split AC unit according to the ambient temperature of the surrounding and the density of human presence in the specific area. It allows the AC to work according to the requirement to give the users ultimate comfort.

For providing steady cooling under a heavy workload, the company uses two-stage Steady Cool compressors in this Voltas inverter AC. This two-stage Steady Cool compressor works under a two-stage unique expansion of inverter compression. This technique allows the Voltas air conditioner to work at full capacity with the full power savings mode. This compressor can effectively work between a broader range of ambient temperatures of -30°C to 55°C. It smoothly cools down when the temperature is high. In a similar approach, it also heats the weather fast in cold weather.

The super silent operating system is another attraction of this model.

This AC also has a range of 4 sleep modes to adjust with your every type of requirement.

The turbo cooling technology provides even airflow in the room. Now there is no hotspot to sit to watch your favorite game. The unique louver technique cools down the room faster than ever.

For a more humid region like India, we need dehumidification technology in its ACs. The Voltas AC 1.5 ton has the super dry mode to dehumidify the room quickly. With this technique, the AC captures extra water droplets present in the air at a shorter time and a higher rate. The unit performs these magnificent specific works smoothly when the unit already works at a pre-defined capacity.


  • It has a CO2 reduction feature.
  • Stabilizer free operation technology
  • Multi-stage air filters to circulate fresh & pure air.
  • The service network is reliable.
  • Copper condenser coil
  • Budget-friendly


  • The installation charge comes separately.

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9. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

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Panasonic is no new name in the electronics market. Though Panasonic has its roots in Japan, Panasonic India has been in operation since 1972. Now we can safely say that Panasonic India is an Indian brand. Over the past years, Panasonic has done an outstanding job in launching excellent products with innovative technology.

Panasonic AC is a reliable performer with modern technology. These ACs have a smart design for smart & busy people.

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Wi-Fi Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Copper Condenser coil
  • R32 refrigerant type
  • 1-year comprehensive warranty
  • 1+4 years of PCB warranty
  • 10-years warranty on the compressor

Panasonic has built the next generation AC for today’s smart people. You can connect your Panasonic 1.5 ton split AC with Alexa and operate it by voice command. There is no need to find the remote every time.

Panasonic air conditioner has inbuilt intelligent Diagnostic systems. It easily auto-detects issues in advance and sends you the error notice. It not only improves the product’s performance but also provides a longer lifespan for these ACs.

The Panasonic model is an intelligent Programmable AC. It has unique features such as customized sleep modes. You can preset temperature profiles for the entire night according to your comfort. It enhances the flexibility of your comfort range. Now you can have a sound sleep in the night and wake up refreshed.

Panasonic AC works amazingly even in ambient temperature weather. If the outside temperature is as high as 52 degrees centigrade, you do not need to worry and compromise our comfort. This Panasonic inverter AC 1.5 ton effectively cools down your home, even at a temperature of 52 degrees centigrade.

Another vital feature of this Panasonic AC is its 100% copper tubing. Complete copper tubing provides the AC with strong durability and a longer lifespan. It also helps to cool down your home in a shorter time.

AC is not something that you buy every day. That is why AC needs to protect from corrosive elements. Panasonic has used sealed blue technology to protect evaporators of its units from water, air, and other corrosive elements. It provides a longer life for its ACs.


  • Wi-Fi enabled, and voice command enable
  • 100% copper tubing
  • No need for an external stabilizer
  • Energy savings mode
  • Humidity free air circulation


  • Customer service is not impressive.
  • Costly than its market competitors

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10. TOSHIBA 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

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Toshiba is a Japanese brand having its headquarter in Tokyo. It has produced a wide range of electronic products and services. Toshiba ACs have been reliable performers for years now.

Toshiba products have Pulse Amplitude Modulation and Pulse Width Modulation AC inverter technology.

These revolutionary inverter technologies make Toshiba ACs one of the best air conditioners in the market. These products are of high-quality performers and value money.

TOSHIBA 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC with Inverter Compressor
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 4-star energy savings rating
  • R410A refrigerant type
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • 1-year warranty on the product & condenser
  • 5-years warranty on the compressor

There was a time when you might need to compromise with your aesthetic taste for the durability of the product. Toshiba has purposely built its AC to keep this issue in mind. Their products are super aesthetic in looks with strong durability. Toshiba has put the outdoor units in a uniquely designed electronic box to ensure its safety and saves your home from any unwanted mishap caused by short circuits.

The Toshiba AC has a bat Wings fan that produces more airflow, making no noise. When energy pressure gets cut, air conditioners usually make turbulence noise. Toshiba has put reverse arc-shaped Wings to reduce this rear turbulence. To offer customers ultimate peace and noise-free performance, Toshiba units have special incline designed fan blades. These fan blades reduce the air conditioner operating sound to as low as 22 DB. Toshiba has remained determined to provide customers the bliss of the much-needed silence.

The fan coil unit is 13% bigger in this AC. Consequently, it increases 10% heat transfer surface by 10%. As a result, the 1.5 ton split AC effectively cools down your medium-sized room much quickly.

While circulating airflow in the room, the air conditioner’s inside units get very dirty. It attracts dirt, bacteria, pollen, and allergens more quickly than we can imagine. For getting pollution-free fresh air, the air conditioner has to remain clean all the time. That is why Toshiba uses Aqua resin-coated coil. This coating reduces the formation of dust on the coil unit. It also lessens the possibility of catching dirt & bacteria in the condenser coil.

This model automatically runs at a slow speed for 20 minutes to dry the condenser coils. As a result, no germs get the time to form odor, and we get fresh air to breathe.


  • Less energy consumption
  • Long-lasting cleaning coil
  • Noise-free operating
  • Remote controlling
  • Sleep timer
  • Swing & fix louver for the select desired direction of airflow


  • It is more costly than the mid-range performer.
  • Installation is not free.

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11. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

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Sanyo is a Japanese brand. It has been in service for a very long time. Panasonic overtook Sanyo in December 2009.

In 2011, it became a Panasonic owned subsidiary. The air conditioners of this brand are excellent performers. Sanyo remains dedicated for years to serve excellent products within the budget. It has emerged as one of the best AC brand in India. If you want a reliable product at a reasonable price, then Sanyo is your good to go brand.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

Exciting features:

  • Split AC with Inverter compressor
  • 5-ton capacity
  • 5-star energy savings rating
  • R32 refrigerant type
  • 1-year warranty on the product & condenser
  • 5-years warranty on the compressor

Sanyo uses hydrophilic technology to protect the condensers of their models. The hydrophilic technology does not let the water droplets to slip down and sink on the condenser. Rather than that, the water slips down without sticking on the surface of the condenser. Because of this hydrophilic coating, the condenser gets a three times longer lifespan than the other condenser without this coating. These hydrophilic coatings effectively enhance the lubricity of the condenser surface and reduce surface friction. As a result, liquid droplets do not get to sink on the condenser.

Busy people need a smartly designed remote to control the AC in the dark.

You may not like it to switch on the light in mid-sleep to off your AC.

Sanyo has designed the new remote for its products with this desire of users in mind. The new remote control glows in the dark, and you can easily use its BackLit temperature control buttons in a dim light space.

The condenser coils of Sanyo inverter AC 1.5 ton are 100% copper made. Copper is extremely efficient in heat transfer. That is why building a 100% copper made condenser coil makes this model best split AC in India under ambient weather.

You might not get time to diagnose the AC every time. Maintaining an AC is vital for getting a lifelong satisfying service.

But you don’t need to take a hustle for this. The Sanyo 1.5 ton inverter AC has an inbuilt self-diagnosis program.

This model will diagnose themselves and send you the error codes. It makes a tremendous difference for busy people to maintain the product.

A dual cool inverter is another attractive feature of Sanyo AC. The newly built technology delivers 35% higher fan speed. As a result, the Sanyo 1.5 ton split AC instantly cools down the room by saving energy efficiently.

The Sanyo split AC 1.5 ton has PM 2.5 Air Purification system. This system helps eliminate every airborne particle smaller than 2.5 micrometers. The AC only circulates pure and pollutant-free air in your home.


  • Sleek design
  • Full value for your money
  • Auto-start feature
  • Sleep timer
  • Air filters for fresh & pure airflow
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Budget-friendly


  • You need to pay for the installation charge separately.
  • Users have to buy a power cord separately.

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These are the handpicked air conditioners that you may bring home for ultimate comfort. The above products belong to reputed brands. Their features are popular among users. Let us know which one you pick. We will feel delighted if this article can be any help of yours.

If you have enough time and want to do market research on your own, then we have something to offer you. Here we have not given you professional guidance on selecting the best AC according to your requirements. Follow our air conditioner buying guide for knowledge.

Best Air conditioner (AC) in India – Buying Guide

Which AC is the best? This question pops up every time you wish to buy the best AC for home. You might think you do not understand those technical terms and cannot do market research, then we have your back. We have noted down an easy buying guide for those who are not much on technicalities. Please read to the end to know which are there must consider features your AC should have.

Different air conditioners:

Portable AC:

A portable AC is a superb choice for those people who live on wheels. If you are a person who switches between cities every year or moves your house around the city, then a portable AC is a convenient choice for you. It is affordable and small.

You can easily carry it around your rooms. All you need is to plug it, and it is ready to operate. It works best for small places. It is not heavy. Some models of portable ACs have wheels. It makes your job easier to switch its place. Place the drainage tube out of a window or a bucket. A portable AC is a conservative choice of air conditioning. You can use it for a shorter amount of time.

Split AC:

Split AC has two units-indoor and outdoor units. They fix the compressor of the AC in the outdoor unit, but the evaporator is in the unit indoor unit. The air conditioners can cool down a large room. It does not need Windows for installation. If you buy a split AC, you have to pay for the installation charge separately. Also, split AC needs professionals to install it properly. Split AC is more capable of saving energy consumption. Also, split AC makes a little noise while operating. It is one of the best perks about split AC. These types of air conditioners need timely servicing to work best.

Window AC:

Maintaining a window AC is easy. It does not need professional help to install. Also, the installation charge is free for window AC. Even the maintenance cost is low.

Window AC is a single unit product. Window AC is a pocket-friendly choice. The design of the window AC is for a small room. The cooling down capacity of the window AC is lower than the split AC. As window AC operates against the window, it makes quiet noise. For a long time, window AC can be irritating for producing lots of noise. If you are tight on your budget but want to have a great air conditioner unit, then window AC e is your trusted performer.

Inverter AC Vs normal AC:

Normal AC

Normal AC systems are mainly inverter free units. When a Regular AC is operating, the compressor is off or on.

It depends on the temperature of the room.

The thermostat can sense the temperature of the ambient weather, and the compressor switches between on and off automatically. Normal AC does not save power consumption much. The design of this AC unit is to consume power at operating full capacity. When it cools down the room up to a certain level, the thermostat reads the temperature and stops the fan. But the unit continues to operate in silence. A non-inverter AC unit is slower in the cooling process, and it makes more noise. Even if it is cheaper than many AC units, it is also less durable. The difference between Inverter AC Vs non-inverter AC  is that non-inverter AC does not have any program for voltage fluctuation. As a result, several voltage fluctuations occur, and it causes harm to the unit.

Inverter AC

Japan first invented inverter technology for air conditioners.

The inverter mainly controls the power supply to the compressor according to the temperature level. The inverter compressor always remains on. But it draws more or less power according to the temperature of the room. Inverter AC is immune to voltage fluctuation. Inverter AC power consumption is less than regular ACs. The cooling capacity of the best inverter is significantly high. The inverter can adjust its cooling capacity according to the size of the room where it is operating. Also, it does not make a loud noise while working. It might be costly at the time of purchase, but the service of Inverter AC values every penny you spend.

What is a dual inverter AC?

If we say the best inverter AC, it means that the AC works on a single inverter. It has a single cylinder shaped rotary compressor. But when we say dual inverter AC, it indicates the unit to have a pair of twin rotary compressors. These compressors rotate with a 180° phase difference. Dual inverter AC is more stable while operating at full capacity.

Condenser coil:

Most of us might not be aware of the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. These two coils are different and placed at distinct parts of the AC unit. Condenser coils are located outdoors in split AC systems. The manufacturer designs condenser coils to release heat from the refrigerant. That is why condenser coils made of high heat transfer materials are an attractive feature. A good condenser coil is a very critical aspect of faster cooling methods.

Aluminum coil:

  • A good deal of AC models have an aluminum coil as their condenser coil. Aluminum coils are very affordable. But it does not have impressive durability. Condenser coils need to remain clean to maintain steady performance. A dirty condenser coil harms the lifespan of the system. An aluminum condenser coil is difficult to clean and maintain. Moreover, when an aluminum coil joins the copper tube, it causes corrosion. As a result, you can experience frequent gas leaks.

Copper coil:

As all the previous issues occurred, the manufacturer used a copper coil to solve these problems.

  • Copper coil ensures user safety and protects their health from harmful gas leakage.
  • Copper is a thermally conducting metal.
  • The copper coil has approximately 8-times more thermal conductivity than aluminum coins.
  • All the latest air conditioner models use copper condenser coils. Copper is also highly corrosive resistant. Copper tubes used with copper condenser coils increase the surface area of copper tubes. That is why we get more efficient results from heat transfer. It significantly improves the performance of the operating unit.


The role of the compressor in an AC unit is to pressurize the refrigerant gas by reducing its volume. It’s the compressor performance that enhances the overall performance of the AC. That is why before buying any AC, you need to check its compressor and the function of it.

You will find mainly two types of compressors in today’s AC units. One is a reciprocating compressor, and the other one is a Rotary compressor.

Reciprocating compressor:

  • In a reciprocating compressor, you will see multiple Piston and cylinders. Their arrangement creates high pressure on the liquid present in it. Maintaining this compressor is easy. But this compressor also vibrates too much while operating. As it keeps vibrating, the compressor unit makes a loud noise. It is ideal for low scale air conditioning appliances.

Rotary compressor:

  • The rotary compressor comprises specially designed rotors. Those rotors come in pairs and rotate in opposite directions at the same time. Because there is not much clearance between these rotors, the liquid present there attends high pressure. These compressors have rotating coils to push the liquid to the center of the fixed coil.
  • It improves the pressure level.
  • A rotary compressor is an ideal choice for large-capacity air conditioner units. It does not vibrate and makes no noise.

That is why an air conditioner with a Rotary compressor is a better choice for professional places. A rotary compressor needs to run continuously for a fixed period to maintain its performance scale.

Power consumption:

Already know that air conditioners consume power. So we mainly expect high electricity bills while installing AC in our home.

  • Air conditioners consume power way more than it shows while advertising for the product. Few factors impact AC’s power consumption.
  • The density of people in the room where the unit is operating can increase AC power consumption. The number of electrical devices present in that room and also the room size make a clear difference in AC power consumption.

That is why you need to bring those products with higher power saving ratings.

  • Using an energy-efficient system, you can reduce your carbon footprint on the Earth. It saves money. Also, it does not waste natural resources without compromising your comfort.

Refrigerant type:

  • The coolant used in the AC is another critical point for faster and efficient cooling. The refrigerant absorbs room heat and releases it outside to keep the room cool. The units always suggest repressing the coolant when the efficiency of cooling reduces. There are few refrigerant gases used to manufacture these air conditioners.

It directly links this refrigerant with global warming and ozone depletion.

So choose those refrigerants with less global warming potential.

  • R32 is one of the famous refrigerant gases used in AC. That is a very eco-friendly coolant with zero ozone depletion potential.


Cooling capacity range: 

  • We denote the AC’s cooling capacity by ‘a ton’. 1-ton cooling capacity shows 12000 BTU per hour. When an AC is operating at a full capacity, it will absorb the same quantity of heat from the room.

 Self-clean mode:

  • The self-clean model is one of the must-have features on the latest air conditioner. People nowadays are very busy. They might not get enough time to clean the product by themselves. But dirt and pollution sticking at the unit can hamper the product performance. Self-clean mode allows the AC to diagnose and clean itself over a certain period. As a result, we will get long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

 Air Filters:

  • The air of Indian origin fills with dust & industrial pollutants. These are very harmful to your health. At Least you would like to have pure air at home. That is why your air conditioner needs to have multi-stage air filters. These air filters will filter out bacteria, mites, pollutants, pollen, etc. You will get pure & fresh air to breathe.

Sleep timer:

  • Smart ACs need to know when to sleep. The sleep timer will allow you to set the air conditioner at sleep at a perfect point. You will get undisturbed sleep with this intelligent feature.


  • People who are living in a high humid area need to take extra caution before buying an air conditioner. Some AC has a brilliant feature of absorbing excess water droplets from the air or the room while it’s operating. It makes the air less humid and easy to breathe.


Checking the warranty period of the product is vital.

Most ACs have different warranties for different parts.

  • Most companies give a one-year warranty on the whole product and the condenser.
  • But some companies provide a 10-years warranty on the compressor. A long time warranty period helps to maintain the unit at a lower cost.

Remote control operation: 

  • Controlling the unit with a remote controller gives a hassle-free working experience. You can’t get up to switch off the AC every time you feel cold. Remote control operation allows us to live comfortably.

Rating chart:

Half of the people only check the ratings on the AC before buying it. A few ratings are critical to examine carefully.

  • EER is the ratio of the total amount of heat removed from the room per hour to the total power consumption.
  • Higher EER shows excellent performance. If the air conditioner takes less power to remove more heat, only then the EER gets high. That is why higher EER ratings will help you save electricity without deducting the unit’s performance.
  • ISEER denotes the ratio of total heat removed by the AC in active mode to the total power consumption by the unit.


If your locality experiences frequent voltage fluctuation, then you need an external stabilizer to operate your AC safely. Most S-UTR compressors built ACs do not need any external stabilizer. But if you want the best stabilizer for AC, then copper stabilizer for 1.5 ton capacity AC is a good choice.

The temperature difference between outdoor and indoor becomes a variable for these ratings.

Every Indian AC manufacturer put the ISEER rating according to the BEE circulation notice.

These few things are vital to know before making any purchase. With our guidance, we hope you bring a great AC home. All the best.


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